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Glastonbury Thorn School


Week commencing 4th October 2021

Wednesday 6th October


WAIL To use adjectives

Success criteria: I can draw a picture of my face and use adjectives to describe my features


Draw a picture of your face. Label your features and use adjectives to describe them - brown eyes, black hair. Keep your labelled drawing safe to use on Friday.



WAIL To use the language more/less, greater, fewer and equal to

Success criteria: I can describe 2 groups using the words more/less, greater, fewer and equal to


Model the activity using 2 groups of objects (pasta pieces, toys, Lego bricks etc.) Place a different amount in each group (up to 6 in each) Compare the objects asking questions - Which group has more? Which group has less? Which group has the greatest amount? Which group has the fewest? Repeat a 3 or 4 times, using different amounts in each group.


When your child is secure in their responses, complete the short activity below.


Friday 8th October


WAIL To write sentences

Success criteria: I can write sentences about my appearance 


Today you are going to use the words from your labelled face drawing to write some sentences about your face. You will need to print the writing template below.


First, write the title 'My Face' in the top box on the writing template.


Next, copy the picture of your face you completed yesterday in the big box underneath. (Don't write the labels - you will use these to help you write your sentences).


Finally, use the labels from your face drawing to write some sentences about the features of your face. Try to use some adjectives (describing words) to make your sentences interesting.



WAIL - To compare numbers using < > and =

Success Criteria - I can use the signs < > or = to compare two numbers or two groups of objects.


Watch the video and complete the worksheet.

Home Learning


Group 1 - Miss Hennessy

Group 2 - Mrs Courriere and Mrs Smith