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Glastonbury Thorn School


Magical Me Autumn Term 1

Magical Me

By learning about the human body and what makes us special, the children will understand more about themselves and others around them. They will understand that they all have similarities and differences and these should be celebrated. The children will understand more about friendship and how they have a role in keeping each other safe and happy. The children will also learn that things were different in the past and how technology has changed.

Through learning about ourselves, they will be given opportunities to research, explore, create and write about many things. Through collaboration, they will understand the importance of our senses, how wonderful our bodies are and the amazing things they can do.

The children will understand that anyone can achieve if they work hard enough and believe in themselves.  They will become aware that science has helped men and women from different backgrounds and ethnicities achieve their dreams.

Through the geography of their locality, the children will begin to gain a sense of what a community is and understand that by being part of a school, they are part of a community. This will help them to identify with others around themselves and have a feeling of belonging.

GTS Curriculum Maps

Our curriculum maps show what the children are learning in the topic being taught. All subjects that are being taught are mapped out with what the children are going to learn and what they will be able to do by the end of the topic.

You will see that there is a strong Reading and Writing focus and Maths is also represented.

In addition, each curriculum map shows the experiences your child will have as part of their learning, as well as what they are going to create and any WOW moments they are going to experience...exciting!

Please look at these carefully and feel free to help your child understand what they are learning. We obviously do not expect you to teach your child, however if you want to help them understand more, this will aid their learning in class and allow the class teachers to deepen learning even more!

Autumn Term 1 - Curriculum Map: Magical Me

GTS Knowledge Organisers

Our knowledge organisers give children the opportunity to record what they have learnt, in order to aid knowing more and remembering more. Throughout the topic, knowledge organisers are referred to to assist learning and are also revisited at the end of the topic and throughout the year, ensuring that knowledge sticks!

Autumn Term 1 - Knowledge Organiser: Magical Me