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Glastonbury Thorn School


General gross motor and fine motor activities

Miss Plumb's Introduction

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Playdough Recipe

Get a container you can peg onto and some washing line pegs. Ask your child to peg as many pegs as they can around the top of the container.


Have 2 containers next to each other. Fill one with water and fill it with some objects. Using some tongs move the objects from one container to the other.


Put a kebab stick or a stick of spaghetti into a lump of playdough or bluetac. Using your first finger and thumb thread cheerios, pasta, beads onto the stick until it is full, be careful not to break the stick! How many did you manage to thread on?


Roll some playdough into a long sausage. How many small sausages can you cut from it? Remember when using your scissors your thumb goes into the top, give yourself a thumbs up to remember how to hold your scissors!


Thread pipe cleaners or straws through a colander.


Get a strip of tin foil- rip bits off and scrunch it up as tight as you can. How many balls did you make?


Get some string or a pipe cleaner and some pasta- thread the pasta on to make a necklace or bracelet. 


Make an old kitchen or toilet roll tube into a person by decorating it and making some snips using scissors in the top to make some hair.


Finger painting 


Painting with a cotton bud making sure you hold the bud between your thumb and first finger like you would with a pencil.   


Have a go at riding a scooter or a bike- this will help with your gross motor skills.


Do some baking- using a spoon to mix the ingredients together will help with your gross motor skills.


Moving stickers from one place to another.


Different cutting activities.


Practise doing the zip up on a coat.


Making patterns using your fingers in a tray of rice or sand.