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Glastonbury Thorn School


Week commencing 15th November 2021

English Lesson 1

WAIL: To plan my non-chronological report.

Success Criteria: I can plan my non-chronological report. 

Today we will start to use our research table from last week to start planning our non-chronological report. Please complete half of this today.



English Lesson 1 Resource

English Lesson 2

WAIL: To plan my non-chronological report.

Success Criteria: I can plan my non-chronological report. 

Please complete the other half of your plan today.

Then read this through:

- Have you used subject specific vocabulary?

- Is it in the correct tense?

- Have you used an interesting sentence starter? Could you ask the reader a question? Example: Have you ever wondered where polar bears live, what they eat and how they look like?

- Have you used conjunctions?

Challenge: Can you include formal conjunctions e.g. in addition, furthermore, moreover etc.?

English Lesson 3

WAIL: To independently write a non-chronological report.

Success Criteria:

I can write a non-chronological report independently.

I can include the features.


Today you will be writing the first half of your non-chronological report. 

Please use the checklist to help you. Remember to keep reading back to check you have included the features and for any spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.


English Lesson 3 Resource

English Lesson 4


Today you will finish off writing your non-chronological report. 

Remember to use your checklist from yesterday!

English Lesson 5

WAIL: To ask questions verbally in order to gain knowledge and understanding.

Success Criteria: I can find out information by asking questions.

Please start off by editing and improving your non-chronological report. You may wish to use 'English Lesson 5 Resource' to help with this. 
Then can someone at home ask you questions about your animal? Are you able to answer the questions in detail?

English Lesson 5 Resource

Maths Lesson 1

WAIL: To find the inverse relations for addition and subtraction.

Success Criteria: To add and subtract numbers using concrete objects, pictorial representations and mentally.


Maths Lesson 2


We have started a new topic: money!


WAIL: To recognise coins and notes.

Success Criteria: 
I can recognise and use symbols for pounds (£) and pence (p).


Maths Lesson 2 Resource

Maths Lesson 3


WAIL: To count money.

Success Criteria: I can combine amounts to make a particular value.


Please go through the PowerPoint and then complete the core task. Can you complete the challenge too?

Maths Lesson 4

WAIL: To count money.

Success Criteria: I can combine amounts to make a particular value.


WAIL: To describe the work of an artist.

Success Criteria: 

I can evaluate artwork.

I can use artistic vocabulary.