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Glastonbury Thorn School


Week commencing 11th October 2021



WAIL To understand what a story opener is

Success criteria: I can match a sentence starter with the correct setting picture


Share a mixture of story books you have at home with your grown-up, and look at how the story begins. Talk about them with your grown-up. What do the story openings tell you? Are they similar? Do some of them have the same beginning? 


Complete the activity below by matching the story openers with the correct picture


(Monday to Thursday - your child will know which group they are in)

Below are the plans to show the sounds the children will be learning this week, together with a link to the Parent Resources available on our phonics website.

The plan shows which unit your child is currently working on, so please only select the relevant resources. The videos will help the children to use the correct pronunciation. The plans give sentences to be used to help children understand the meaning of words in context (Example definitions and sentences). These are only to be read to the children, not for them to write or copy.

Miss Henessey (Group 1 - Phase 1 and 2)

Mrs Courriere and Mrs Smith (Group 2 - Phase 3)


WAIL - To order objects

Success Criteria - I can order objects from the smallest to the greatest

Take a pile of pasta/lego bricks etc. Can you split the objects into 3 groups. Count how many in each group? Order the groups from the smallest to the greatest. How many different ways can you do this?

Topic- Art

WAIL To know about the lives of significant people in the past who have contributed to national an international achievements


Success criteria: I can say why Antony Gormley is important

                             I can recall some facts about his life


What is an Artist? What do they do? Do you know any famous artists? Talk about artists with your grown-up.


Watch the Antony Gormley PowerPoint below to find out some interesting facts about him. 


Talk with your grown-up about what a sculpture is. Have you seen any in Milton Keynes? Where?



WAIL To write a sentence with a full stop and capital letter

Success criteria: I can write the first sentence of my story


Follow the slides below slides below on the Online Learners document, working from left to right (TTYP = turn to your partner). You will need a pencil and some paper (lined if possible) for this activity.


Please encourage the children to check their sentence against the checklist.


WAIL - I can order objects

Success Criteria - I can order objects from the smallest to the greatest

Topic - Art

WAIL To draw and label a design

          To select and use a range of textiles and materials

Success criteria: I can label my design to show the features and materials I will use

                            I can select the materials to dress my bottle doll

                           (clay, googly eyes, fabric, paper, crepe paper, wool, spaghetti)


The children will be making an art installation in the style of Antony Gormley's 'A Field for the British Isles (see below). They will each make a 'bottle doll' of themselves to contribute to the installation.


We would like the children to make a simple design of what they would like their bottle doll to look like. The bottle dolls will show the children in school uniform, made from the choice of materials above. There is a completed template below, together with a blank template for the children to complete. There is also an example of a bottle doll to share.



WAIL To use question marks

Success criteria: I can say why a question mark should be used

                            I can spot sentences that need a question mark

                             I can write a sentence using question mark

Please print off the documents below as these will be needed for today's learning. Please use the PowerPoint to access this.


WAIL - To order numbers

Success criteria - I can put numbers in the correct order and use words such as smallest and greatest to describe them.


Activity - you need to cut up a piece of paper so that you have ten squares. Write a numeral from one to ten on each piece and place them face down. Begin by picking 3 numbers and put them in order from the smallest to the greatest.

Try picking 4 numbers - Can you order them from the greatest to the smallest? Explain how you know.

Topic - Music

WAIL To understand the difference between a 'ta' and a 'tee-tee' pulse

          To change the way a pulse is shown

          To move my body to the pulse

Success criteria: I can explain the difference between a 'ta' and a 'tee-tee' pulse

                            I can change the way a pulse is shown

                            I can move my body to the pulse


Activity: Oak National Academy Pulse Lesson 4 - Physicalising the pulse in different ways. Please use the link below to access the lesson. Have fun!




WAIL: To use a question marks

Success criteria: I can write a question with a question


Recap yesterday's learning:  What is a question mark?  Watch the video below:

Today we are going to look back at our story (Splash, Anna Hibiscus) What has happened in the story so far? Can you remember what happens next? Read on to find out what happens.

Why was Anna upset?


Main Activity

Today you are going to write a question.

Which words could you use at the start of your question? (What, Who, When, Where, Which, Why and How) Have a think…

What questions might Anna ask?  (Can I play with you? Can you come and play in the sea with me?)


Choose your favourite question that you think she might ask, and write it down.

When you have finished, make sure you check your work. Do you have:

Capital letters

Finger spaces

Did you read it again?


Digging deeper:  Write a response to your question



Watch the video and complete the activity.


WAIL - to order numbers

Success criteria - I can order numbers from the smallest to the greatest


Topic - Science

WAIL To name the four seasons

          To recognise signs of each season


Can you name the four seasons? Can you think of any ways we can tell which season it is? Watch the video below:

What is your favourite season? Why?

Write it down on a piece of paper, and bring it with you to share when you come back into school next week.



WAIL To use onomatopoeia

Success criteria: I can write a sentence using onomatopoeia


What is onomatopoeia?




"Onomatopoeia" Crash! Bash! Boom! Pow! In this song, learn about special words that imitate sounds.

How many onomatopoeia words can you remember? (Write down your ideas)

(Write down your ideas) Have a think… What sounds do you think you can you hear? (Write down your ideas)


Which of these words is onomatopoeia?

Phonics - Day 5 Assessment

To day we will revisiting the sounds and tricky words covered this week.


Mrs Courriere and Mrs Smith (Group 2 - Phase 3)

Please work through the PowerPoint below. You will also need to print the two worksheets.