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Glastonbury Thorn School


Week beginning the 19th April 2021



WAIL to use a subordinate clause

Work through the presentation on subordinate clauses.

Watch the reading of the book from the beginning up until the second repetition of ‘But something was missing. Definitely.’

Summarise what you have learned about the character of Funni from this section of the text- both from text and illustrations.


Make notes In two colours about Funni's thoughts and feelings- internal details and physical details, what she likes to do etc. How does what a character does or say inform us about what he might be thinking or feeling and vice versa? 

Reflect on the spreads so far, thinking now about the setting: What does this place offer Funni? Why is it a good place for her? How does it allow her to do the things she loves (watching the city and listening to its sounds, flying her kite, playing her recorder)?

Now return to the illustration of her sitting against the barrel, accompanied by the text ‘But something was missing.

Use your learning of subordinate clauses to write sentences about what Funni is thinking using this structure.


I wish I were not alone, it would be so much more fun with someone to play with.

If only there were other children, we could fly our kites and watch the busy city below.



WAIL to use a subordinate clause

Watch the video of the reading of the story up to the given point to where it finishes ‘…that now completely covered the rooftop car park.

How do these two pages tell us more about what she is like?

Discuss how the author is showing, not telling us this information through her language choices, text making and annotating the text to highlight examples of this in action, for example: 

 ‘Each Saturday…’ shows us she is determined. The verb choices of ‘lugged’, ‘swept’ and ‘cleaned’ in one sentence shows she is hardworking. The fact she has cleared the area shows us she is responsible, thoughtful or caring. 

Now look back at the illustration, where Funni is kneeling in the soil. What do you notice about this illustration that is different from those seen before?

This is the first time we have not seen Funni’s face and expression directly.

How do they think she feels at this point in the story?

Can you write a character description of Funni using subordinate clauses learned yesterday.


Funni was hard working, everyday she cleaned and swept the old, abandoned car park.


WAIL to sequence sentences

Watch the video until the given point where we see the car park from the new view point.

 From where have we seen the story so far?

How does this change in this spread? Investigate the impact of moving from the close up perspective of the action, focussed very much on the direct actions of Funni, to this wider perspective that gives us a chance to see the scale of her actions from a different perspective, without seeing Funni at all.

How much time has passed between these two spreads? How do you know?’ Think about how long it takes to grow seeds.

Read the text - who or what do you think Zoo is? What do you know about Zoo's character from the text?



Watch the video as it turns to the next page until the text that reads, ‘…nodding and waving – hello!’


Highlight the use of ellipsis to separate the two pages. What are we thinking about on the first and second spread?

Think about the new character, Zoo, how might he/she fit into Funni’s story.

How much of the story has passed?

How much is left to come?  Where might this new character fit into the story? 

Think about the lines of development that might follow.


Draw pictures to sequence the stories events so far and write a narrative below to summerise the stroy. 




WAIL to punctuate a question


Order these synonyms for lonely in order of their emotional power.


isolated, alone, friendless

outcast, abandoned, rejected, sad, unhappy

forlorn, despondent


Stop the video at the page that shows the the car park garden and compare this to the earlier view of the carpark where it said.  "...she came here most Saturdays". Make notes on the things you notice.


Listen now to the story from ‘That feeling’ to ‘…someone laughing in another room.’

Does this give you any more ideas about what is missing for Funni? Look at the comparison of her feeling ‘Like an ache, a hole’ with what she wants to feel, a ‘full-up, satisfied feeling you get when you’re happy and there’s the warm buzz of home and someone laughing in another room.’

Jot down their ideas of what this might be. 



WAIL to  correctly punctuate sentences, use expanded noun phases and subordinate clauses.

Watch the story again from the beginning until, "…and someone laughing in another room.’ Watch carefully as the next page is turned.

How did you feel when we turned the page?

What made you feel this way?   Why do you think they chose to present this spread differently to the rest of the story?

How did it affect you when we turned the page and then turned the book?  


How do you think the children feel about meeting each other? Investigate the contrast in Zoo ‘grinning shyly’ at first against the way his speech builds as he speaks to Funni about the garden. Do you think he is still feeling shy now? How do you think he feels around her now?  How do you know?


Free Friday....

Find an image on the internet of an overgrown abandoned building and write your own story or description based on what you notice.