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Glastonbury Thorn School





Practise talking through the plan with boring tone of voice, keeping sentences really short and uninteresting, and missing bits out and putting them in the wrong order. 

Check to see if your child can identify what is wrong.  Modify throughout 

End with a ‘good’ example of what you are looking for in the talking through the plan. 

Ask your child to talk through their plan several times, adapting where needed, and adding this to their plan. 

Ask your child to then write the school address, tomorrow’s date and ‘Dear Prime Minister at the top of their page, ready for tomorrow. 



Write a leaflet about Northern Ireland. Include the capital city and any other interesting facts that you have discovered

Mrs Pritchard's group

Mrs Roberts and Mrs Morris



Re- Cap Tricky words: have, like, some, come, were, there, little, one

Recap- Sounds:  ai, igh, oa, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, oy, ear 

Introduce new sound: air – that’s not fair

Practise reading and spelling words: fair, pair, hair, chair, stairs, unfair

Practice writing tricky words


Mrs Warner's Group


Re- Cap Tricky words: pull, full, our, door, floor, poor

Recap- Sounds:  wh, ph, tch, kn, gn, a-e, i-e, ing, er

Recap- sound:  er (words ending with the sound)

Practise reading and spellings: hunter, faster, walker, higher, painter 

Practice writing tricky words

Ms King's Phonics

Re-cap tricky words:    it’s children, have, like, some, come, were, little, one, saw, there, when, what, don’t, old, oh, very, people, made, make, came, day

Introduce new tricky word for reading: Mr, Mrs, called, looked, asked. 

Re-cap sounds ow, ur, ea, ie, i-e, oe, o-e, ue, u-e, aw, au, ew, ay, a-e, e-e, ow Ey, ou  

Introduce ph, wh

Practice reading words: what, why, where, when, who, which, dolphin, phonics, telephone, elephant, whatever, whales

Practice reading simple captions/sentences: What do dolphins like to do?  We do phonics every day.  Can elephants use a telephone?  When can you shout out loud? 

p.m. Pracitse writing tricky words: come, some, came, same, made, make, like

Mrs Courriere and Mrs MacKay's spelling group


Wacky Word Search 

Using your spellings for this week, make a mini word search for your a member of your family to complete

Choose 6 words with the alternative sounds and write onto a grid. Fill in rest of the grid with single letters.