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Glastonbury Thorn School





Refer back to the story of Bear Snores on from yesterday (see yesterday's link to the story on YouTube).  Talk to your child about the setting (a cave) and explain it is where the story is taking place.  Draw a picture of a cave and think about words to describe what a cave is like eg dark, gloomy, narrow, cold, wet, damp etc.  Link the story to our topic learning of hibernation.



Today we are going to be learning about hibernation, what this means and the different animals that hibernate. Work through the PowerPoint discussing the different animals and have a go at the quiz at the end. 



Mrs Clay's group


Revisit Review:  Recap sounds learnt so far s a t p i n m d g o c k ck u e h r b f l ff

Teach phoneme/grapheme:  Introduce the sound ll and explain it is a digraph (2 letters that make 1 sound)

Phase 1: Practise oral blending.  Talk like a robot to give your children instructions - can you touch your h-ea-d etc. can you h-o-p etc can they blend the sounds into a word.  Ask children to repeat sounding out and blending with you.

EXT:  Collect together some objects that have 3 sounds eg cat, dog, cup, mug, pin, pan, map, pen, pig, tap etc play I spy a c-a-t etc – as confidence grows remove objects

Miss Plumb's group


Revisit Review: Recap the sounds, pictures and songs for sounds learnt so far

Teach: Show children the grapheme b and show the picture boot and sing the Jolly Phonics song b

Practice oral segmenting: Ask you child what sounds they can hear in the following words; cat, dog, man, tap, pin, mop, fan, mug, kick, tick, cot, map, pot, bag, bus, bin, bug, tub. Use Fred Fingers for each sound and pinch the sounds onto the fingers when saying them

Mrs Fullbrook's group

Listen and sing to nursery rhymes Wheels on the bus and I’m a little teapot. 
Clapping syllables- clap or jump forward to syllables in the words below . 
banana, book,chair,jumper,butterfly 


Mrs Bayer's group 1



Recap sounds  letter sounds learnt so far

Introduce new sound: air - that’s not fair

Read words fair lair chair air 

High frequency word introduce: like 

Read captions: i have fun at the fair. We went for a hair cut. He ran up the stairs. 

Pencil control cursive writing r n m p


               Mrs Bayer's group 2


Recap sounds, graphemes learnt so far

Introduce new sound: w - worm

Reading new words win wet web

Introduce high frequency word we

Oral segmenting: using the blending boards make the following CVC words ( use Fred fingers to sound out first) van sam tip pig sad wet jam


getting ready for writing / \ + x, anti-clockwise circle, square and triangle