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Glastonbury Thorn School




Maths White Rose Teaching Video

Comparing addition and subtraction statements



What fun things do you do with your favourite toy?  Write a list of the fun things you do with it.

Phonic Sounds Of The Day


Mrs Jenkins & Mrs Smith


Re- Cap Tricky words: have, like, come, some, were

Recap- Sounds: all sounds and oi, oy, ear, air, er, ure

Introduce new sound: end of the word consonant blend- st

Practise reading and spelling words: nest, rest, just, rust, must

Practice reading and writing simple sentences: The boy needs a rest. We must pick up the nest. 



Mrs Mohammed


New Tricky words: oh, people, Mr, Mrs

Recap- Sounds: st, nd, mp, nt, nk, ft, sk, lt, lp, lt ,lk, pt, xt, tr, gr, dr, cr, br, fr, bl, fl, gl, pl

Introduce new consonant blend: cl

Practise reading and spelling words: clap, clown, clang, clever, clubs, clock, click

Practice reading and writing simple sentences: The clown claps his hands and out comes a rabbit. 


Miss Gaffney and Mrs West

Re- Cap Tricky words: were, there, little, one

Recap- Sounds: ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or

Introduce new sound: ur – Nurse with a purse

Practise reading and spelling words: hurt, burn, turf, curl, turn

Practice writing tricky words



Mr Cursley

Re- Cap Tricky words: put / there / here

Recap- Sounds: all sounds including 'ay' 'a-e' 'ea' 'e-e'

Introduce new sound: y (word endings)

Practise reading and spelling words: history, geography, family, worry, baby

Practice reading and writing simple sentences: I worry about the dark! Put the baby down to sleep.

Topic - History - Toys

Choose 6 toys from your toy box. Think about how they move, or what you need to do to use your toy (push, pull roll, wind up, battery operated etc). Do any move in the same way? Think about your grown-up’s favourite toy. Which group would you put it in? Why?