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Glastonbury Thorn School




The Snowman, Full Version HD

Watch The Snowman and talk about the events. Which part do you like best? Is there any part your don't like?



This week we will be consolidating the learning we have been doing this term. Today practise being able to find one more than a given number to 10. Use objects to show how you would find one more. Say the STEM sentence x is 1 more than x e.g. 3 is 1 less than 2.



Have a go at learning another song that we will be singing as part of the carols this week. Can you perform them to your family?

08 Jesus is born.wma

Phonics Sounds of the Day!

Mrs Clay's Group


Revisit Review:  Write out a selection of sounds - o c n h r d.  Say a sound and ask your child to point to the correct sound.

Teach phoneme/grapheme: No new sounds being introduced  

Practise a few each day: Write up examples of words that rhyme.  Emphasise the last sound that rhymes – can children say any others that could rhyme – alien words ok!  tin bin sin

Phase 1: Have a list of objects written on a whiteboard together with some of the objects on the list (some objects missing) Sound out each of the words eg c - u - p – which objects on the list have been missed?. example words cup, peg, cat, dog, pin, map, mat, pen, jug, jam, etc

Miss Plumb's Group



Revisit Review: Recap the sounds, pictures and songs for sounds learnt so far

Teach: No new sounds to be taught 

Practice: say the following words like a robot to allow for the children to orally blend- mat, van, wig, hot, map, and, pet, rib.

Apply: each child to have their own blending board- practise saying the words out loud first and pinching the sounds onto your Fred fingers before making the word on the blending board. The words; kit, pat, lot, hat, bag

Mrs Bayer's Group 1



Quick recap: diagraphs and trigraphs learnt so far.

Read words: night moon star dark boil never stair

High frequency word recap: all words learnt so far.

Read captions: fish and chips on a dish. Digging in the soil. Looking at books. It has been a good year

Getting ready for writing: cursive letter formation

Mrs Bayer's Group 2


Quick recap: all sounds learnt so far (a-z)

Read words: rag top bell hiss but fun

High frequency words: all words learnt so far 

Oral segmenting:  using blending boards make the words - hug bat ram man fat bin

Read captions: a cat in a bin. A dog can nap. A kid in a cap. Get to the top. 

Getting ready for writing: copy a square, anti-clockwise circle, triangle, / \ + x

Mrs Fullbrook's Group

Syllable sorting game- you will need your child's toys like teddy,dolly,dinosaur,car,lego and numbers 1 2 and 3 which you can write onto paper.

If the toy has two syllables your child will place toy on the number 2 piece of paper for example teddy. Sort all the toys into 1,2 or 3 syllables.  


Mrs Kagoro's Group