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Glastonbury Thorn School





Have a look at the picture, who do you think has been to visit Foundation? How do you know this? Are there any clues that you can see? Draw a picture of who or what you think has been to visit.




Draw a picture of something you are good at and tell someone at home why you think you are good at it.

Phonics Sounds of the Day!

Mrs Clay's Group


Revisit Review:  Give your child the graphemes for the sounds s a t p i .  Ask your child to lay them out in front of them and ask them to find the correct sound as you say it.  Keep a note of any sounds your child struggles with to practise. 

Teach phoneme/grapheme: 

Practise a few each day: Write some examples of words that rhyme.  Emphasise the last sound that rhymes by underlining the rhyming chunk in each word. Can your child say any others that could rhyme – words that are not real are ok!  mat sat fat

Phase 1: Show children selection of pictures and play I spy a c-a-t etc – as confidence grows remove pictures

Miss Plumb's Group


Revisit Review: Recap the sounds, pictures and songs for sounds learnt so far

Teach: Show children the grapheme l and show the picture leg.  Sing the Jolly Phonics song for l

Practice: Show children 2 pictures. Children to sound out the word and decide which picture the word matches. If your child is unsure when blending sound talk the word for them to have a go at orally blending. Use Fred Fingers for each sound when repeating and draw in sound buttons and dashes when blending.

Mrs Fullbrook's Group

Listening game- Guess the Christmas sound game on YouTube.

Syllable clapping words below 

Flower, gate, garden, grass, tree spider.

Mrs Bayer's Group 1



Recap sounds  diagraphs and trigraphs learnt so far

Reading words: paint seen might toast book food

High frequency word recap: was you they 

Read captions: The cat ran up the tree. A stain on my shorts. I think I can do it. Her car did not start.

Getting ready for writing:

cursive letter formation

Mrs Bayer's Group 2



Recap sounds, graphemes learnt so far

Reading words recap: six fat can sit and bed

Introduce high frequency word: was

Oral segmenting: using the blending boards make the following CVC words ( use Fred fingers to sound out first) mop sun pit gas dip

Read caption: the big bus. Cats and dogs. Pots and pans. 


getting ready for writing / \ + x, anti-clockwise circle, square and triangle

Mrs Kagoro's Group

Mrs Arbues' Group