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Glastonbury Thorn School




Have a look at the picture and describe what you can see to someone in your family e.g. The boy in the green t-shirt has built a big sandcastle. Then draw something from the picture you can see. 



Listen to your favourite piece of music, what instruments can you hear being played? Learn the nursery rhyme 'This old man' and have a go at performing the song to your family. 

Phonics Sounds of the Day!


Mrs Clay's group

Recap sounds s a t p i n m d g o.  Introduce new sound c for caterpillar.  Watch the Jolly Phonics video and learn the song and action.  Using these words dog, man, tin, sun, mud, bat, cup, fan, hat, jug, net, pig.  All words used at this stage should be 1 syllable words.  Say the words using onset and rime eg t-ap (initial sound + 2nd chunk.  Ask your child to blend the 2 sounds together to say the word.

Miss Plumb's Group

Recap the sounds previously taught; m d g o c k ck e u. Today we are are going to learn the sound 'r'. Listen to the Jolly phonics songs and learn the actions to go with the sound. Play a bingo game with the graphemes taught so far to ensure that each one is being recognised correctly. Continuing on with oral blending play a game of Simon Says- Simon says touch your h-ea-d, t-oe-s, kn-ee-s etc.  


Mrs Fullbrook's group

Action songs music man. Go on a

sound walk listen to the sounds encourage your child to listen for 1 minute before telling you what they can hear . 
memory game of pairs or get 4 objects place on a table for your child to memorise for 1 minute cover with a towel and remove 1 object without child seeing then ask child what is missing .

Mrs Bayer's group 1


Recap sounds  ai ee igh

Read words rain, sheep, fright, meet

Introduce new sound oa - goat in a boat

Read words boat, coat,  float

caption reading The boat can float

my coat is black and pink

Tricky words recap introduce all

Pencil control / \ O zigzag 



Mrs Bayer's group 2


Recap previous sounds taught: s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e. Introduce the new sound u for umbrella. Introduce the word it. Sound it out and blend to read.  Show children 2 of the pictures on the link below.  Write one of the pictures as a word eg dog.  Draw sound buttons (dots) under each letter and ask your child to sound out each letter before blending the sounds together to read the word.  The pictures will support them as they will be a clue as to what the word could be.