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School Logo

Glastonbury Thorn School




Draw a picture of the characters in the story The Three Little Pigs.


Topic Sessions

Music- Listen to a piece of music that makes you feel happy. Can you clap along to the beat of the song? Recap the nursery rhyme we learnt last week; Pat-A-Cake, can you perform this to your family?


Phonics sounds of the day!


Mrs Clay + Mrs Fullbrook

Recap the sounds s a t p i n.  Introduce new sound 'm' and watch the Jolly Phonics video on YouTube and learn the song and the action.  We are also learning to remove syllables from words.  Using the words zebra, helicopter, dragon, elephant, kettle, dinosaur, apple, monkey, table, carrot, window, flower.  Ask questions such as what is zebra without ra?  What is dinosaur without aur?  Start by taking away the last syllable.  When children are more confident you can take away the first syllable eg what is window without win?


Miss Plumb

Recap the sounds m, d, g, o, c. Introduce the new sound 'k', watch the Jolly phonics video on YouTube and learn the song and action. We are also learning to orally blend words together. Have a selection of objects and share them out having 5 or 6 each. Play a game of oral blending Bingo, who has a h-a-t, c-u-p etc. Get your child to say the word once they have blended it together.


Mrs Bayer

Recap sounds qu sh ch ng th nk ai

Read words shop, chip, think, quit, tail, drain

caption reading The dog has a long tail, 

A tin of red paint.

Tricky words recap into, was, you

Pencil control practise copying these shapes 

/ \ + - anti-clockwise circle, square and triangle.