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Glastonbury Thorn School


Topic subjects

Science - Habitats - Food Chains


To know what a food chain is.

To describe how animals obtain their food from plants and other animals.


Success Criteria: I can identify and name different sources of food.

Watch video link below and discuss the key vocabulary.

Activity is to create their own food chain and label using the key science vocabulary. Can the child identify the producer and the consumer? Can the child identify predator and prey.




Art WAIL:  Create light and dark tones using a pencil.

Go in to your garden or the local park.  Collect some natural objects, such as, leaves, catkins or twigs. 


Using the skills that you learned last week, can you draw a picture of your objects and experiment with using light and dark tones to create texture and the effect of light shining on the object. 


Look through the PowerPoint to generate some ideas for your own picture.   Which do you like the best and why? 



How muscles work.


Make choices that improve health and wellbeing.


Did you know that there are over 600 muscles in their body? 


Do you know why muscles are important? What do they do and how do they work?


Hold something in your hand, such as a soft toy or a bean bag. When you move your arm up and down the muscles stretch to support the weight on the arm as it lowers.  The arm stays strong and sturdy because of the muscles.


What would happen if we added more weight to the arm? It would become stronger! 


 The more the muscles work, and the more tension they are under, the more tired they become. This is why their legs and arms are tired after doing our Joe Wicks exercises.


It is very good for us to strengthen our muscles through regular exercise. Can you do some push up squats? What other exercises can you think of? 


Ask the children if they can go from laying down to standing with the bean bag or soft toy balanced and supported on their hand, head, shoulder etc.


Can you write a list of activities you can do to keep your muscles strong and healthy?  


Watch the video to help give you some ideas. 


PE WAIL: put a sequence of movements together to make up a dance routine. 

This week, we are continuing to develop a dance that can be performed to someone you know.


Either continue to work on your dance routine from last week, or choose and other piece of music to make up another dance to.  Can you include a turn, jump and a balance? 


Use search engines agreed by the school.

Use a computer software programme to create images.


Use a search engine, such as Google, to find images of pencil sketches for Art this week. Can you work out how to bookmark the websites that you like, so that you can come back to them later?

If you have a device, that contains a drawing tool.  Can you create a digital picture of the same object that you drew in Art.  How are they similar or different?  Which one to you like the best? Why?