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Glastonbury Thorn School


Topic Sessions

Science 5th January 2021

WAIL To know the difference between climate and weather

          To name different climates

          To understand why weather records are important


Success criteria I can explain the difference between climate and weather

                          I can name the different kinds of climate

                          I can say why it is important to keep records of the weather


Learning journey

Ask the children to name the different kinds of weather they know.

Talk about why it is important to keep records of weather (weather patterns - collected over a long time they help use to know the climate).


Pause the video throughout, making a list of the different climate zones as you do so,  and ask questions:

What animals do you think would live here? Why?

What is the weather like in this zone? 

What climate zone do we live in?

Once you have watched the video, ask the children if they can remember the kinds of weather in each climate zone. Re-watch the video to complete this part if necessary, making notes of the weather against the climate zones.

Weather - conditions in the atmosphere at a specific time and place

Climate  - looking at patterns in the atmosphere that happen over a larger area over

                long periods of time   

History - Wednesday 06/01/21

WAIL To understand how inventors have made life better for us

          To recognise changes in transport over the years

Success criteria: I can explain how inventors have made life better for us

                           I can name different types of transport

                           I can say how transport has changed

Share the 'Inventors' PowerPoint

Ask the children:

What inventions can you think of?

What inventions do you think have changed over the years?

(Remind the children of our 'Playtime' topic - toys old and new)

Talk about their answers.

Watch New and Old Transport PowerPoint and The History of Transportation

(If you are unable to access the PowerPoint, watching only the video will be enough)

History of transportation

The story of transportation is not only intriguing but encapsulates the technological innovation very well. Advances in imagination and technology have allow...

Ask the children questions about what they have watched such as:

How has transport changed?

Can you tell me some of the changes?

Why do you think the changes are important?

Explain that as our new topic 'Going Places' is about transport, we will be learning about famous people who have invented or improved different types of transport, and how Milton Keynes has been a part of that.


Activity - colour the new topic cover 'Going Places'.


If you are unable to access a printer,  the children can draw their own topic cover, using the document to give them ideas. If the children aren't confident drawing their topic cover, they could cut pictures of different kinds of transport from old magazines and stick them on.


When the children have completed their cover, ask them one thing they would like to find out about transport, and help them to write their question at the bottom of the topic cover.


7th January 2021

These two topic activities are about 15 - 20 minutes each.


WAIL The difference pulse and rhythm

Success Criteria: To identify the rhythm of a song

                             To explain the difference between pulse and rhythm

                             To listen to repeat a simple pattern

                             To create my own simple pattern


Watch the Oak Academy video with Miss Glover and follow the activities throughout.

(This is an activity a younger sibling might be able to join in with - have fun!)



WAIL To understand the importance if washing hands and keeping clean

Success criteria: I can say why it is important to wash my hands

                            I know why personal hygiene is important

                            I can say how germs spread





Germ Smart Kids: How-To Handwashing

With your grown-up, practise washing your hands together. Also, if available, repeat the activity using hand sanitiser.  Stand back and admire your shiny clean hands!

Friday 8th January 2021

PE - Attacking and Defending

This term we will be consolidating and using the skills we learnt in our last unit of work 'Throwing and Catching', while we develop our attacking and defending skills. 


WAIL To use space when attacking and defending

Success criteria: I can identify useful spaces to move into

(This is an outside lesson. If the weather is wet, please use the link below or go to the subject area of our website and look in PE for some alternative activities)