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Glastonbury Thorn School


Topic Sessions


WAIL to understand how plants grow and to observe using simple equipment.


Please watch the teaching video and write a set of instructions for planting a seed.

If you are able to, you could have a go at planting seeds that you can find in your local environment or those collected from food you have eaten.


WAIL I know what a continent is and can name them all. I know what the equator is and that there is a Northern and Southern Hemisphere. 

Success criteria: I can name the 7 continents. I know what the equator is. I can identify the Northen and Southern hemispheres on a map.




This week we are learning about the seven continents and where they are in relation to the equator and the Northern and Southern hemispheres.
Find printable sheet of the world map attached below-your child could write the names of the continents in the boxes or cut out the names and stick them in the correct boxes depending on their ability. The answer sheet is attached so you can investigate together and then see is they can remember.


Can you draw the equator on your map?

What continents are in the Northern or Southern hemispheres or both?

Can you order the continents by size from largest to smallest?



WAIL I understand the significance of Florence Nightingale

Success Criteria - I can tell you who Florence Nightingale was, what she did and why we remember her

Teaching video

Still image for this video

The life and work of Florence Nightingale (dramatisation) | History - True Stories

Suitable for teaching 5-11s. Florence Nightingale tells the story of her life, and shows how she grew up to become a nurse in the Crimean War. Subscribe for ...


WAIL I understand that algorithms are used on digital devices. 

WAIL I understand that programs require precise instructions.

Success criteria: I can use directional instructions to programme a Beebot. 

Success criteria: I can plan out a set of instructions to get a Beebot to a given point.


Religious Education


Click on the link and have a go at the activity.



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