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Glastonbury Thorn School


Topic Sessions

Welcome to the topic page:

Listed below are a series of lessons that will need completing across the course of the week.



WAIL To identify the location of hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the Equator and the North and South Poles

In Geography we are learning about climate and which parts of the world experiance different climates.

Please start by watching the teaching video and then view the presentation when asked to do so. We would like you to research the different types of climate featured and to match them to different parts of the world. Please record your learning in your red book or video yourself talking about it.


Teaching video:  

Success criteria: I can explain the difference between weather and climate. I know what the equator is.I know where the hottest and coldest places of the world are. I know where the North and the South Poles are.


In science we are learning about seeds and germination.

Please listen to this story about seeds.


Please watch this short time-lapse video of a sunflower seed germinating and growing into a mature plant.

Please watch the teaching video and carry out the activity and post a photo of your completed work to Year2@glastonburythorn.co.uk for us to see.


Perhaps when you are out for your daily exercise you could look for seeds that you could plant or find them in things you eat at home.


WAIL I can use an algorithm to give instructions

Success criteria: I can tell you what an algorithm is.

Watch teaching video 1a and share the activity with an adult.


Teaching video 1a                                      https://photos.app.goo.gl/Ra387y6Wuy9WnBrQ7


Have a look at the short BBC bitesize clip about algorithms.



Teaching video 1b                                           https://photos.app.goo.gl/iyUuazjuQJkawELe9

Watch teaching video 1b and follow the instructions to make your own game and algorithm cards. Take it in turns with an adult to instruct and follow instructions, using the debug cards when you come to a mistake.

Please send photos to the school web site so that you can share your work with your class teacher.


Attacking and Defending

WAIL - To use space when attacking and defending

Success Criteria - I can attack and defend in a team game

I can identify useful spaces to move in to


Activity - practise using a space by throwing a ball with a family member. Throw the ball into a space, the other member should run to pick the ball up, then throw it into another space.  Repeat taking it in turns. try and use as much of the available space as you can.



PHSE - Watch the video by clicking on the link below and then practise washing your hands.


WAIL: To understand the importance of washing hands and keeping clean

Learning Journey:



Practise washing hands together properly.

Also, if available, repeat activity with hand sanitiser.

Success Criteria: I can say why it is important to wash my hands

I know why personal hygiene if important

I can say how germs spread.


WAIL - To know why we celebrate New Years Eve.

To suggest how I celebrate with my friends and family.

Teaching Video

Still image for this video

How 2021 was celebrated around the world - BBC News

Countries around the world have welcomed 2021 with fireworks, but crowds were only allowed at some displays. Strict lockdown and border closures in New Zeala...