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Look at the Powerpoint and talk about what plants need to grow.  Draw pictures and write sentences to make an information book to show the facts.

Look at the Powerpoint and talk about the lifecycle of a flowering plant.  Draw pictures and label to show how a seed is planted, the stem grows, the plant flowers, the plant dies and produces seeds and the process starts again.

Planting seeds - we will be planting seeds in school, drawing pictures and writing instructions to inform people what we needed to do. 

1. Get a pot. 

2. Put in some soil. 

3.  Plant the seed.

4. Cover with soil. 

5.  Water it.


We will continue to learn the songs for our performance.  See last week's remote learning for the soundtrack and lyrics.


Look at Google Earth (you will need Chrome).  Look at the area that you are in or search different areas in Milton Keynes eg Glastonbury Thorn School, Willen Lake etc.  What can you see?  What landmarks are there?  Explain to your child that this is called an aerial image and was taken from up high by cameras on satellites and aircraft.


Explain that Jack would have seen his home like this from high above when looking down from the top of the beanstalk.  Ask your child to draw a picture of what Jack would have seen from the top of the beanstalk.  Encourage your child to use their imagination.


We will be learning some different skills this week in art.


Painting - how to hold the paintbrush correctly, how to mix colours, how to paint thick and thin lines with different brushes.


Collage - we will be learning how to add texture to create a picture eg beanstalk - sticking on cotton wool for the clouds, leaves and snipping paper to create grass.



We will be learning how to join materials using PVA glue and masking tape.  The children will be challenged to join boxes securely to build a castle/home for their family.  They will need to think about how many rooms they will need and join the correct number of boxes.