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I can use light/ dark tone and colour.

I can add texture to a pencil drawing.

We are focusing from practising pencil techniques for drawing.  Look at the PowerPoint and practice these skills on the sheet or on paper you have at home.


WAIL: To investigate how Polar bears stay warm in the Arctic. 

To identify that most living things live in habitats to which they are suited and describe how different habitats provide for the basic needs of different kinds of animals and plants.


Children to think about what adaptations polar bears have to be able to live in the arctic. Remind them of blubber and that in a polar bear it is 4 fingers thick!

Tell children we are going to do an investigation into how effective blubber is in keeping out the cold.

Children to give an oral prediction of what they think will happen.

Carry out investigation. (see link below)

Children to record the differences they feel between having blubber and not having blubber (refer to synonyms for cold used in English (cross-curricular link) when doing their report.

Take photos.

Fun With Blubber! - #sciencegoals

Some animals have a special kind of fat below their skin to stay warm in the chilly months. Follow along with this special experiment to learn more about how...

PSHE WAIL: I can talk about how our needs change and grow as we develop.

Use the pictures of people at different ages/ phases of life. Discuss the different wants and needs that people have at these time in their lives.  What things are important to them?  What are necessities?  

The pictures can be cut out and sentences can be written around them. 


I can help to create sequences of movement to perform with confidence and for a purpose.

I can dance as part of a group using different formations.


Put on a song with a good beat to move to.  Have fun putting steps together to make a routine.  When you are happy with it, perform it to your family. 



I can organise digital content.

I can use multi-media presentations to show/ present information.

We have been searching the internet for pictures created by Sandra Dieckmann. 

The aim for this session is to paste a selection of her pictures that you like, in a programme such as Apple Notes or PowerPoint. 

Once you have done that, add some text around the pictures.  You could write about what you like about the picture and why you chose it. 

Digging Deeper:  Are there any tools that you can use to the change the effect of the picture or text?