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Glastonbury Thorn School



Science Week


WAIL: To investigate and identify a variety of plant and animals in different habitats - specifically microhabitats.

            To record this information as a map of my local environment.

Go for a walk in your garden or local environment. Find two different microhabitats. Give them a name, draw them and write sentences to say what the habitat is like. Use the word mat to help you


WAIL:   (Scientific enquiry) To ask and answer questions.


Using pictograms and tally sheets, ask questions about the types of of minibeasts that you find in your two microhabitats. 

Ask and answer questions such as, which is the most, or least poplar.  Why do you think this is?  


WAIL: To make predictions and test these predictions by carrying out a scientific test.


Today you will be making predictions and carrying out a scientific test, using choice chambers.  

Please open up the activity sheets below, which contain your instructions. 


WAIL: I can tell you how some animals have adapted to their habitats.

Work through the activities on the PowerPoint.

See if you can complete the matching activity on the sheet.