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Glastonbury Thorn School





WAIL To use aerial photographs to identify landmarks

          To visit landmarks in real life (where possible)

Success Criteria: I can find my school, home and other given places on Google Earth

                            and a paper map

                            I can say where landmarks are located 


Ask children for ideas as to where we are - what does this mean? Where do we live?

Share PowerPoint of the local area. Do the children recognise any of these places?


Open Google Earth in Chrome and explore how you can search the local area.

Use the search button on the tool bar on the left side.

Try putting your postcode in for your house - can you find your local park?

What else can you find? Try MK5 6BX - where does that take you?

Can you find the Snow Dome, the 2 Sainsburys?

Using the Satellite view - imagine you're a bird soaring over the different landmarks.

There is also another (compass looking) icon you can click - it will take you to a random country / place. Where did it take you?


Share the trail document and use Google Earth to locate them. Children to tick each one they find.




WAIL To explain the services that a village, town and city may need and give       

         and give reasons, local study - Shenley 


Success criteria: I can explain the difference between a village, a town and a city


Learning Journey

On a white board or piece of paper, draw what is around your house.

Q. Where do you live? When you look out of your window, what do you see? On the way to school, what do you see? Where do you live? Do you think Milton Keynes a village, a town or a city?



Discuss the differences between the village, town and city. Record 3 images to show what a village, a town and a city is like.


See well being Wednesday



WAIL To understand pitch

Success criteria: I can hear high pitch sounds

                            I can hear middle pitch sounds

                            I can hear low pitch sounds

                            I can describe what pitch is


This week the children will begin a new unit of work learning about pitch with Miss Boyd from the Oak National Academy.  During this lesson they will singing songs and playing some singing games to explore pitch.



WAIL To be able to travel in different ways using different parts of your body.

          To balance on different points of the body making different shapes

          To begin to build up stamina


Success criteria: I can travel in different ways using a variety of shapes and body parts.


WAIL To find Milton Keynes and Shenley Church End

         To know that Shenley Church End is in Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes is in                       England, England is part of the British Isles/United Kingdom


Success criteria: I can locate Milton Keynes on a map of the UK

                            I can find Shenley Church End when looking at a map of Milton



Today we would like you to use a paper map of Milton Keynes and / or Google maps.

We would like you to find where you live and Glastonbury school. How is it different to Google Earth?

With Google Maps you can zoom out to see that Shenley Church End is within Milton Keynes, That Milton Keynes is North of London. London is in England, England is in UK / British Isles etc.


Challenge, Can you describe where you live using, SCE, MK UK, England and the UK