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Glastonbury Thorn School





WAIL To understand that people believe that God is the creator of the world

          To understand that different stories exist about creation

Success Criteria: I can retell the Christian creation story through words and pictures


Learning Journey

The children will think about how the world began and read through a PowerPoint looking at similarities between some religions. They will then watch a short video about the creation story, order pictures to show how God made the world and write either some nouns or short sentences to explain what happened on each day.


Please email this work to school when completed.  


Bible Story Series: Genesis The Creation of World



WAIL To know how to stay safe online

Success criteria: I can say what to do to stay safe online

                            I can say when and who I should ask for help


Learning Journey

Thinking back to this morning's learning about Smartie the Penguin, the children will listen to a short story about why it's important to 'think before you click'. Can they predict what might happen at the end of the story when Chicken meets her new 'friend'? They will then complete the 'Acceptable User Agreement'.


Please email the agreement to school.

Chicken Clicking



WAIL To know how the world should be used and cared for


Success criteria: I can make a poster telling people how we can look after the world


Learning Journey

Watch the PowerPoint and think about looking after our world and what we could do to help. 

Make a poster to encourage people to look after the environment.

There is no teaching video today, as we want you have time to make your super poster or finish your history project. Have fun!
If you still need some time to complete your history project, please use this lesson time to do so.



WAIL To read and write musical symbols


Success criteria: I can write musical symbols

                            I can write the rhythm of a song using musical symbols

                            I can read musical symbols

                            I can understand and follow musical symbols


WAIL To use attacking and defending skills in a game

Success criteria: I can sort attacking and defending skills

                            I can use attacking skills to score points

                            I can use defending skills to stop the other team scoring points

                            I can talk about the things I want to improve on and the things I am

                            good at. 


Learning Journey

This is the last lesson in our PE unit 'Attacking and Defending'. In this lesson the children will use all the skills they have been learning to attack and defend a goal.