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Glastonbury Thorn School




WAIL To know how to stay safe online

Success criteria: I can say what to do to stay safe online

                            I can say when and who I should ask for help.


Please look through the PowerPoint and complete and sign the internet use agreement.  Once complete, please email back to the school.




WAIL to make a prediction, observe and test my prediction using my scientific knowledge

Success criteria I understand that a prediction is a best guess and I can make that prediction based on what I know




For this science lesson we will be carrying out a fair test experiment, and if you are able to buy some white flowers or celery and have some food colouring you could do this experiment at home. Don't worry if you don't have these resources as we will be doing it together on screen.
If you are unable to do this experiment at home, watch the SciKids video below now. If you can do the experiment wait a couple of days to watch for the results of your own experiment first, before watching it.


WAIL to name and locate the seven continents of the world

Success criteria I can name and locate the seven continents of the world

Watch the presentation below to find out information about China, a country in the continent of Asia.
Continents quiz to test your knowledge. (awaiting content)

Digging Deeper

Watch the short presentation to review the key facts about each continent. Can you write a short comparison between two of the continents?

Religious Education

WAIL to understaand the story of the Chinese New Year and how Chinese people traditionally celebrate the New Year

Success criteria  I know that different cultures and religions celebrate New Year




Once you have listened to the Chinese zodiac story you can use the templates (or draw your own) to make some puppets that you can use to retell the story yourself. 
These sequenced pictures will help you to retell the story or you could dig deeper and draw your own story map of events.