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Glastonbury Thorn School





WAIL To know about changes within living memory

          To know about events beyond living memory that are important in the country

           I live in and across the world

          To know about important people in the past who have invented,

          discovered or improved things to make our lives better


Success criteria: I can make a project to show:

                            How things have changed in living memory

                            Important events beyond living memory and say why they are   


                            What I know about the life of an inventor or pioneer (when they

                            were born, important events in their life, what they did)  


Just a check in to make sure everyone is getting on well or nearing completion ready to email next week.


If you have finished your research and completed your project, please take a look at our Year 1 Topic Homework grid and choose an activity to complete this week. 



WAIL To get past a defender


Success criteria: I can move from side to side to dodge a defender

                           I can change direction quickly

                           I can look for a space to get past a defender



WAIL To write read and musical symbols


Success criteria: I can write musical

                           I can write the rhythm of a song using musical symbols

                           I can read musical symbols

                           I can understand and follow musical symbols

The children will be working through Lesson 5, Reading and Writing Rhythmic Notation with Ms Glover. After this, we will revisit the Glastonbury Thorn School song. This week we will practise singing verse 3 using  'my turn, your turn'. We would then like the children to learn the words for verse 4.