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Glastonbury Thorn School




Use the video of the story from yesterday, pause at page 8. 


Where do you think they are going? Where could Mama be? Why is Astrid excited? Why has she worn her favourite T-shirt? What do you notice she has taken with her?


Read the next page.
Where are they? Who could these people be? How do you know? Is Mama here? Why might she be here?


Read to the end of the book. What is Mama's job? Reveal that Mama is an astronaut. What does this say about how Astrid feels about her mother? What would it be like to have an astronaut as a parent?


Is this what you expected to happen in the book?



Have a go at making your own cookies. You can use the recipe below or one of your own. 


Phonics- Miss Plumb's group


Quick read words: pan, tip, man, fell, pit

Quick review sound: ng

Read the words: thing, wing, ping, sing, song, sang

Recap tricky words: we, me, be, was, my

Learn new tricky word: you



Practise letter formation: b ng

Write tricky word: he

Write words: wing, song, sang, ping

Write caption: A red rug.