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Glastonbury Thorn School





How does your visit to the magical toy land end?  Do you return back home through the magic door?  Read through your story and check you have used capital letters fingers spaces and full stops in the right places.


Maths White Rose Teaching Video

Sort 2-D shapes

Maths Teaching Powerpoint- Meet the 2D Super Shapes!

Meet the 2D Super Shapes, can you remember their names? Count how many sides each shape has and see if you can find these shapes around your home.

Draw and list the shapes you find. What shape did you find the most/least?



              Write down 3 things that make you feel angry.

Write down what you do and how you feel when you are angry.

What could you do to help you feel calm? Draw a picture to show this.


Miss Jenkins and Mrs Smith


Re- Cap Tricky words: have, like, come, some, were, there, little, what, do, when

Recap- Sounds: all sounds and oi, oy, ear, air, er, ure, st, nd, mp, nt, nk  

Introduce new tricky word: out

Introduce new sound: consonant end blend - ft

Practise reading and spelling words: gift, tuft, soft, drift, theft 

Practice reading and writing simple sentences: What a soft coat! Can I have a gift?



Mrs Mohammed


New Tricky words: looked, call, called, ask, asked

Recap- Sounds: st, nd, mp, nt, nk, ft, sk, lt, lp, lt ,lk, pt, xt, tr, gr, dr, cr, br, fr, bl, fl, gl, pl, cl, sl, ay, a-e, ea

Introduce new sound: e-e

Practise reading and spelling words: Pete, Steve, these, theme, complete, concrete, even

Practice reading and writing simple sentences: Steve wants to go to the theme park.



Mr Cursley


New Tricky words: what/want/are/was/very

Recap- Sounds: a-e / e-e / y / ie / i-e

Introduce new sound: ow (blow the snow)

Practise reading and spelling words: blow / snow / slow / know / flow / glow

Practise reading alien words: showb, bowf, glowp

Practice reading and writing simple sentences: This train is very slow I replied! Why is the snow so deep!


Mrs West

Re- Cap Tricky words: were, there, little, one

Recap- Sounds: ar, or, ur, ow, oi, oy, ear

Introduce new sound: air –That’s not fair

Practise reading and spelling words: chair, hair, pair, flair, airship

Practice writing tricky words