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Glastonbury Thorn School




Watch the story of Going on a Bear Hunt from Monday.  Fold 2 sheets of paper in half use them to make a book to show each of the scenes.  Ask you child if they can hear any initial sounds in the words eg long wavy grass and annotate the picture with the sounds they say.





Still image for this video
Listen to the story 'An old friend'. Think about the things that you like to do with your friends. Draw a picture of you and your friend. 

Phonics sounds of the day


Mrs Clay's group

Revisit Review:  Recap sounds learnt so far

Teach phoneme/grapheme:  Introduce the sound ‘b’ for boot.  Sing the Jolly Phonics song on YouTube and learn the action

Practise a few each day: Continue to practise spotting rhyming words in book or using the pictures from Tuesday.  When your child can spot rhymes in words, ask them to continue a rhyming string eg you say cat they say hat, sat, mat


Miss Plumb's group


Recap previously taught sounds

Reintroduce the sound 'e'. Sing the Jolly phonics songs and relearn the action.

Collect some objects from around the house, ask your child to choose an object. What sounds can they hear in the word e.g. jam they would say j-a-m. Repeat this with the other objects you have collected. 

Mrs Fullbrook's group

Speech Detection game - jumping game

Making one jump for each word.

boy climbing tree, girl brushing hair. 

Mrs Bayer's group 1


Recap sounds  letter sounds learnt so far

Introduce new diagraph: ow - brown cow

Read words now brown how town down

High frequency word recap: she he we me be

Oral segmenting: children to say what high frequency words and sounds we need to make these captions, the cow is in the shed, my top is brown, the queen is in town. 

Pencil control cursive writing l t i j 


               Mrs Bayer's group 2

Recap sounds, graphemes learnt so far

Introduce new sound: l same as single sound just a longer sound  ll

Reading new words bell fell sell tell

Introduce high frequency word no 

Oral segmenting: using the blending boards make the following CVC words ( use Fred fingers to sound out first) cup cap tap man men


getting ready for writing / \ + x, anti-clockwise circle, square and triangle