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Glastonbury Thorn School




Research a place in London that you would like to write about.  Find the answers to  the key questions below.

Where is this place? How do I get there?  What can I do there?  Who can visit?  Do I have to pay to visit this place?  When is it open? 


Work through questions 1-3 of White Rose activity book


True or false?

When you add two, 2-digit numbers you have to add the ones before the tens. Explain your answer to an adult.


Watch clip on Rhythm and Pulse.

https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zcbkcj6/articles/z2mqw6f  Choose your favourite song, can you copy the pulse using a body part of your choice. Explain why you like the music.

Mrs Pritchard's phonics group

Mrs Roberts and Mrs Morris



Re- Cap Tricky words: all, are, said

Recap- Sounds: sh, ch, th, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo(zoo), oo(book), ar, or

Practise reading and spelling words: sort, short, worn, sport, snort, fork

Practice writing tricky words


Karen's Phonics



Re- Cap Tricky words: my, here, there, come, some

Recap- Sounds: ay, are, ire, c, edge, g

Introduce new sound: ore ‘ as in chore’

Practise reading and spelling words: chore, more, shore, sore

Practice writing tricky words

Ms King Phonics

Re-cap tricky words:  it’s children, have, like, some, come, were, little, one, saw, there, when, what, don’t

Re-cap sounds:   ai, oi, ear, ure, air, oa, ow, ur, er, ea, ie, i-e, oe, o-e, ue, u-e, aw, au, ew

Practice writing words: chew, screw, new, few, grew

Write a simple sentence: I chew my food well so that I don’t choke.  We got a new dog at the weekend. 

p.m. Phonic screening check practise.  difference between split digraphs and not.   

Mrs Courriere and Mrs MacKay's Phonics