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Glastonbury Thorn School




The Hindu Story of Rama and Sita | Religions of the World

This week we are learning about the story behind the Hindu celebration of Diwali, The Festival of Light. Listen to the story of Rama and Sita. Can you draw a picture of Ravanna?

Topic Learning


Phonic Sounds of the Day!


Mrs Fullbrook and Mrs Clay's Group


Recap the sounds s a t p i n d.  Introduce the new sound g for girl.  Watch the Jolly Phonics song on YouTube and learn the song and the action.  Moving on from yesterday, we are learning to listen for the sound at the beginning of words.  Using onset (see video on Tapestry 24.20.20 Stage 5) say a word without emphasising the first sound by making it long. eg d-og leaving a small pause between the first sound and the second chunk in the word.  Ask your child to say the first sound in the word.  Repeat with other words m-ug, c-at, s-nake, t-ap, f-ish, p-ig etc.


Miss Plumb's Group

Recap the sounds m, d, g, o, c, k, ck. Remind the children that 'ck' is a digraph- two letters making one sound. Introduce the new sound 'e', watch the Jolly phonics video on YouTube and learn the song and action. Explain to your child that when words rhyme they sound the same at the end e.g. box, fox, big, dig etc. Give your child a few examples and see if they can think of words that rhyme together. Get together a selection of objects that rhyme e.g. tin, bin, pin, mat, sat, hat etc. Can your child match the rhyming words together?


Mrs Bayer's Group



Recap sounds qu sh ch ng th nk ai ee 

Read words green, seen, sleep, three. 

caption reading He has a green hat, I went to sleep.

Tricky words introduce her

Recap tricky words they, was, the, into, she. 
Recap capital letters and letter names A - L

Pencil control practise copying these shapes 

/ \ + - anti-clockwise circle, square and triangle