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Glastonbury Thorn School


Reading and Writing

Jack and the Beanstalk - The Children's Story

We are continuing to learn the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.  A lot of our learning will be around learning the songs and acting out our performance ready to record for parents.


Other activities that we will do throughout the week:


Read up to the end of the 4th page 'He clutched them tightly and ran all the way home'.  Discuss the word clutched and explain that it means to hold tightly.  What other words can be used eg hold, grip, grasp, clench etc.  Ask you child to draw a picture of something they would hold tightly and write a sentence eg I grip my bag.


Read  the next page.  What does the word furious mean?  Explain it means very very angry.  Can your child think of other words?  eg angry, cross, enraged, annoyed, irritated etc.  Which mean really angry?  Ask your child to draw a picture showing that they are angry.  Write a sentence eg I am angry when someone is unkind.   


Other activities linked to English are in the Topic file.

Letter Formation

This week we are practising our 'hook around' letters.  These are c o a d g q s.  These letters all start on the line and lead in with the lead in line, hook around and then come back round.

How to write the letter 'c'

How to write the letter 'a'

How to write the letter 'd'

How to write the letter 's'


How to write the letter 'g'

How to write the letter 'q'