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Glastonbury Thorn School


Mrs Bayer's Phonics

Mrs Bayer is not introducing any new sounds or common exception words this week.  She will be working on the children's speed in writing and being able to recall writing all of the sounds taught so far.


Challenge your child to write as many words as they can in 1 minute and see if they can get faster as the week progresses.


The sounds taught are qu ch sh th ng nk ai igh ee oa oo 00 ar or ur ow (brown) oi oy ear air ure er.  Start with the earlier sounds to build the speed quickly.


Selection of words:

quick, quid, quit, chop, chip, chin, chat, shop, shut, wish, thin, that, with, think, thing, ring, king, sing, wink, sink, wait, paid, light, sight, week, been, seen, boat, goat, soak, book, took, shook, stood, mood, boom, zoom, cart, bark, shark, short, fork, sort, churn, church, burn, surf, brown, crown, down, spoil, join, soil, boy, toy, coy, hear, near, tear, fair, stair, chair, manure, sure, pure, picture, farmer, hammer, letter


Please also continue to practise reading and writing the common exception words introduced so far.  The sheet is in last week's remote learning. 

Sentence Writing


After practising quick writing, ask your child to look carefully at the picture below and write sentences about what is happening in the picture.  Write 1 sentence every day to help your child to generate their own ideas for writing.