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Glastonbury Thorn School





Pretend that one of your toys has been lost.  Draw a poster showing what they look like and discuss how you could describe them to someone to help find your toy.




Today we are learning about different types of bears and looking at pictures to find out facts.  Look at pictures of different types of bears and see what facts you can find out from the pictures eg some bears climb trees, some bears eat fish etc.  You could draw a picture to show one of the facts you find.

Phonics sounds of the day!


Mrs Clay's group

Revisit Review:  Recap s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f 

Teach phoneme/grapheme:  Introduce the sound ‘l’ for leg.  Sing the Jolly Phonics song on YouTube 

Practise a few each day: Practise spotting words that rhyme in books or by using the pictures sent home for last week's home learning

Phase 1: Collect a selection of objects starting with different sounds.  Play I spy with my little eye something beginning with 'say the first sound in the word' eg 'p' – can your child identify the object?

Miss Plumb's group


Revisit Review: Recap the sounds, pictures and songs for sounds learnt so far

Teach: Show children the grapheme u and show the picture umbrella and r and show the picture robot.  Sing the Jolly Phonics songs for u and r

Practice: Have objects that have 3 sounds in them e.g. tin, map, pot, mug, bin, hat, top, lid etc.  Play I spy with these objects with the adult talking like a robot for children to orally blend e.g. t-i-n would be tin.  When your child is confident with this move to orally segmenting.

Apply: lay the objects in the middle of the table. Ask your child to pick an object and then sound talk like a robot the sounds they can hear in the words. 


Mrs Fullbrook's group

syllable clapping - To develop awareness of the syllable structure of words. 
Adult to say the word and child claps the correct number of syllables. Encourage your child to clap these words 

Cup, fish, chicken, balloon,rabbit,dog.burger.

Mrs Bayer's group 1

Recap sounds  letter sounds learnt so far

Read words recap chip fair bong thick shoot star moon fork

High frequency word recap: they all you are said

Read captions:  fish and chips, the ship can float. At the farm are cows and goats. 

Pencil control cursive writing l t i j


               Mrs Bayer's group 2

Recap sounds, graphemes learnt so far

Introduce new sound:  j - Jack in a box

Reading new words jet jam jog

Introduce high frequency word she

Oral segmenting: using the blending boards make the following CVC words ( use Fred fingers to sound out first) jim  jam pat pam mat mop hop


getting ready for writing / \ + x, anti-clockwise circle, square and triangle