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Glastonbury Thorn School




We're Going on a Leaf Hunt

Listen to the story We're going on a leaf hunt. Go into your garden and see how many different leaves you can find, collect one of each different type of leaf and do a leaf rubbing. 



Today we are thinking about people who are special to us. Can you draw a picture of someone who is special to you and talk about why they are special to you. 

Phonics Sounds of the Day!


Mrs Clay's group

Recap sounds previously taught: s a t p i n m d.  Introduce new sound o for orange. Watch the Jolly Phonics song on YouTube and learn the song and action.  Using the words map, lamp, net, rabbit, sand, fish, yam, zoo, mug, lip, nut, rug, fan, yoghurt, zip.  Using onset accentuate the first sound in the word by making it a long sound eg mmmm- ap.  Ask the children what the first sound in the word is.  You can watch the video on Tapestry (24,10.20) Stage 5 to support with this. 


Miss Plumb's Group

Recap the sounds previously taught; m d g o c k ck. Today we are are going to re-introduce the sounds e and u. Listen to the Jolly phonics songs and learn the actions to go with these sounds. Play a bingo game with the graphemes taught so far to ensure that each one is being recognised correctly. Continuing on with oral blending play an I-spy game, have a look out of the window- can you see a t-r-ee, c-ar, b-i-n etc. 

Mrs Fullbrook's group

Listening game- sound bingo or listening to sounds in the environment home or outside. 
speech detection-jumping game children to recognise that sentences are made up of individual words. Say a sentence for example he is running child then jumps forward for each word. 



Mrs Bayer's group 1


Recap sounds qu sh ch ng th nk ai ee igh

Read words pain, seen, high, thin, strong

caption reading A bright green stain

 He has a pain in his leg

Tricky words recap you, they, her, into, was

Pencil control drawing a person 



Mrs Bayer's group 2

Recap previous sounds taught: s a t p i n m d g o c k ck.  Introduce the new sound e for egg. Introduce the word in.  Sound it out and blend to read.  Show children 2 of the pictures on the link below.  Write one of the pictures as a word eg dog.  Draw sound buttons (dots) under each letter and ask your child to sound out each letter before blending the sounds together to read the word.  The pictures will support them as they will be a clue as to what the word could be.

Mrs Bayer's pictures