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Glastonbury Thorn School



Shape Space and Measure


This week we are learning about symmetrical patterns.  Can you colour a pattern that is the same each side?


We are also learning about shapes and naming 2-D and 3-D shapes and talking about their properties.  We will name square, rectangle, circle and triangle.  Some children will be learning the names of pentagons, hexagons and octagons.  We will describe them using the language sides, corners, straight and curved sides.  We will also name cube, pyramid, cone, cylinder and will use the language edges, faces, corners, straight and curved edges.

Number and Numerical patterns


Have a look at the hundred square below. Can you count to 100? What patterns can you spot to help you count to 100? What do you notice about the numbers?

This week we are going to be looking at sharing a quantity equally. Have 2 groups and gather together an amount of objects up to 10. Can you share the objects equally between the two groups? If not why not? Can you remember whether this number is an odd or even number? How do you know?


Continue this learning throughout the week, extending the number of groups to 3.

Play the sharing game below.