All schools in England have a Governing Body, made up of individual Governors, which is responsible for overseeing many of the strategic decisions of the school. The Governing Body sets the vision, aims and objectives for the school. It sets the policies and targets for achieving these aims and objectives. The Governing Body also monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making towards the achievement of the vision, aims and objectives. The Governors appoint the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher. They hold the main responsibility for finance, and work with the Headteacher to make decisions about balancing resources needed against the budget allocated by the Local Authority. The Governors act as a ‘critical friend’: to support, to challenge, to ask questions, and ultimately to represent the school community.

The Headteacher is responsible for the internal organisation, management and control of the school and the implementation of the strategic framework established by the Governing Body.

The Governing Body of Glastonbury Thorn is made up of volunteers who are interested in the continued progress of the school and in ensuring the best possible education for the children in our care. The Governors work in close partnership with the Headteacher, Staff and the Local Authority.

The Governing Body is organised into three committees: 

  • Finance and Personnel
  • Curriculum and SEND  
  • Premises/Health and Safety. 

Our Full Governing Body meets at least three times a year and our three committees also meet at least once a term.

Glastonbury Thorn Governing Body 2018/2019

Governor name or vacant post detailsCategoryAppointed:Until:Resignation Date:Appointed byCommittees
Mrs Ruth Chapman
Co-opted01-Apr-2015 31-Mar-2019 13-Mar-2018Governing BodyPremises/Health and Safety
Miss Jenny Cooledge
Co-opted01-Apr-201531-Mar-2022 Governing BodySEND Pupil Premium More Able Curriculum/SEND
Malcolm Dobell
MK Council
MKC Appointed18-Feb-201417-Feb-2022Local AuthorityPremises/Health and Safety Curriculum/SEND
Mrs Carol Downs
Staff Appointed02-Sept-201401-Sept-2018 Staff ElectionCurriculum/SEND
Mr Colin Jameison
Co-opted13-Nov-201812-Nov-2022 Governing BodyGovernor Development Finance and Personnel
Mrs Nina Mackay Deputy Headteacher Associate Governor 18-Apr-201717-Apr-2021 Governing BodyCurriculum/SEND
Mrs Sarah Pearce
Headteacher (Governor)11-Jun-201301-Sept-2022 Premises/Health and Safety Finance and Personnel
Mrs Lyndsay Radford
Co-opted07-Feb-201706-Feb-2021Governing BodyFinance and Personnel
Mr Andy Roberts
Co-opted01-Apr-201531-03-2022 Governing BodyFinance and Personnel Chair of Governing Body and Finance
Mr Andy Simms
Partnership Governor16-Nov-201415-Nov-2022 Governing Body Chair of Premises/Health and Safety
Miss Naomi White
Parent Appointed12-Feb-201511-Feb-2019 08-Oct-2018Parent ElectionCurriculum/SEND
Dr Maggie Wyke
Co-opted01-Apr-201531-Mar-2022Governing BodyPremises/Health and Safety
Mr Stuart CoxParent Appointed08-Mar-201707-Mar-202115-03-2019Parent ElectionPremises/Health and Safety
Mrs Alison WhitbreadStaff Appointed01-Sept-201831-Aug-2022Staff ElectionCurriculum/SEND
Mrs Hero SlinnParent Appointed23-Nov-201822-Nov-2022Parent Election
Mrs Kirstin PryorParent Appointed23-Nov-201822-Nov-2022Parent Election
Mrs Marion CorbettaSchool Business Manager Associate Governor 13-Nov-201812-Nov-2022Governing Body Finance and Personnel

NameResponsibilitiesBusiness/Pecuniary Interests
Andy RobertsChair of GB
Headteacher Appraisal
Wife works as a Teaching Assistant at the school.
Lyndsay Radford Vice Chair of GBHusband owns signs and graphics business.
Malcolm Dobell Safer Recruitment
Headteacher Appraisal
Director and Trustee of a local Academy.
Andy Simms None
Hero Slinn None
Maggie Wyke Safeguarding and Child Protection Director and Trustee of a local Academy.
Kirstin PryorNone
Jenny Cooledge SEND Governor
More Able Governor
Pupil Premium Governor
Colin Jameison Develoment GovernorNone
Marion CorbettaNone
Alison WhitbreadNone
Sarah Pearce Safer Recruitment None
Stuart Cox Works as the school's Site Manager.
Nina MackayNone

Governors Meeting Attendance

GovernorGovernor typePremises, Health and SafetyFinance, Personnel and CharityFull Governing BodyCurriculum/SEND
Ruth Chapman Co-Opted06.10.17 02.02.1814.11.17 13.03.18
Jenny CooledgeCo-Opted14.11.17 05.06.18 20.10.17 07.02.18 16.05.18
Stuart CoxParent02.02.18 11.05.1814.11.17 05.06.18
Malcolm DobellAuthority02.02.18 11.05.1814.11.17 13.03.18 05.06.1820.10.17 16.05.18
Carol DownsStaff14.11.17 13.03.18 20.10.17 07.02.18 16.05.18
Colin JameisonParent19.10.17 06.02.18 24.04.18 26.06.1814.11.17 13.03.18
Nina MacKayAssociate Member19.10.17 06.02.18 24.04.18 26.06.1814.11.17 13.03.18 05.06.1820.10.17 07.02.18 16.05.18
Sarah PearceHeadteacher06.10.17 02.02.18 11.05.18 19.10.17 06.02.18 24.04.18 26.06.1814.11.17 13.03.18 05.06.1820.10.17
Lyndsay RadfordCo-Opted19.10.17 06.02.18 24.04.18 26.06.1814.11.17 13.03.18 05.06.18
Andy RobertsCo-Opted19.10.17 06.02.18 24.04.18 26.06.1814.11.17 05.06.18
Andy SimmsPartnership06.10.17 02.02.18 11.05.1814.11.17 13.03.18 05.06.18
Naomi WhiteParent17.10.1613.03.1820.10.17 07.02.18 16.05.18
Maggie WykeCo-Opted06.10.17 02.02.18 11.05.1814.11.17 13.03.18 05.06.18


Mrs Alison Whitbread- 01.09.18

Mrs Marion Corbetta- Associate Member-13.11.18

Mrs Hero Slinn- 23.11.18

Mrs Kirstin Pryor- 23.11.18


Mrs Ruth Chapman- 13.03.18

Mrs Carol Downs- 01.09.18

Miss Naomi White- 08.10.18

If we develop our children from the inside, we develop them for life!

– Anonymous

“Both my children are who they are today because of the confidence they gained with you. We will be forever grateful”.

– Parent