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Glastonbury Thorn School




Using the Gruffalo as a model design your own terrible creature. Draw a picture of them and describe what they look like to someone in your family. 



Have a look at the picture and describe what you can see to someone in your family using full sentences. For example; there is a snowman next to the swimming pool and he is melting. 

Phonics Sounds of the Day!

Mrs Clay's Group


Revisit Review:  Give your child the graphemes for the sounds e f r k l o .  Ask your child to lay them out in front of them and ask them to find the correct sound as you say it.  Keep a note of any sounds your child struggles with to practise. 

Practise a few each day: Write up examples of words that rhyme.  Emphasise the last sound that rhymes – can children say any others that could rhyme – alien words ok! sin kin din

Phase 1: Show your child 2 pictures (see Monday) or objects with 3 sounds eg cup.  Sound out the word – which picture/object does it match?  As your child becomes more confident try sounding out words without showing them the pictures.

Miss Plumb's Group



Revisit Review: Recap the sounds, pictures and songs for sounds learnt so far

Teach: Show children the grapheme w. Sing the Jolly Phonics song for w

Practice oral segmenting: use your blending board to make the following words; tap, man, pit, sun, log, cup, fan, rib. For each word once it has been made have a go at reading it back to yourself to check that you have used the right sounds.

Mrs Fullbrook's Group

Recap syllable clapping with any words your child found tricky.

Recap speech detection -jumping game

making one jump for each word in the sentence.

Boy eating banana, Girl on skateboard, Man playing drums. 

Mrs Bayer's Group 1


Recap sounds  diagraphs and trigraphs learnt so far

Reading words: air snail sleep bright goat cook

High frequency word recap: i spy game - children to find tricky words in a book.

Read captions: they had toast for lunch. The clock is hung on the wall. We made a ramp with the blocks. The hen laid an egg.

Getting ready for writing:

cursive letter formation

Mrs Bayer's Group 2


Recap sounds, graphemes learnt so far

Read words: fun let cat win got hen

Introduce high frequency word: they

Oral segmenting: using the blending boards make the following CVC words ( use Fred fingers to sound out first) pick tuck sick sock

Read caption: we had a go. A pink bag. Cat in a bed. 


getting ready for writing / \ + x, anti-clockwise circle, square and triangle

Mrs Kagoro's Group

Mrs Arbues' Group