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Have a look out of your window, what signs of Autumn can you spot? Tell someone in your family the different things that you know about Autumn e.g. the leaves fall of the tree.

Phonics sounds of the day!


Mrs Clay's group


Recap sounds learnt so far s a t p i n d g o c k ck

Introduce the new sound e.  Watch the YouTube Jolly Phonics video and learn the song and the action.  Practise finding rhyming words.  Read a rhyme or story and find the rhyming words or practise saying 2 words eg cat and dog - do they rhyme?  or mouse and house?  The children need to know that the end of the words need to sound the same. You could use the Powerpoint presentation below to support.

Miss Plumb's group


Today we are consolidating the learning we have been doing this week. Recap the sounds we have taught e, u, r, h, b. Sing the Jolly phonics songs for these sounds to remind you of the actions. Play a simple game of bingo; I can see a t-o-p, m-u-g etc. Next ask your child what sounds they can hear in some words, for example if you ask your child what sounds they can hear in the word sun they would then say s-u-n. This is known as oral segmenting. 

Mrs Fullbrook’s  group

Listening EYFS sound games 2 and 3 on BBC Teach listening skills.

speech detection- 

Recap jumping game. With sentences man eating chips, mum picking apples. 

Mrs Bayer's group 1



Recap sounds  ai ee igh oa oo (zoo) 00 ( look) 

Read words broom gloom wool

Caption reading The roof is up high,

he is sweeping with the broom,

Her cheeks are red. 

Tricky words recap all tricky words so far

Recap letter names A-Z

Pencil control cursive writing l i t j 



 Mrs Bayer’s group 2


Recap previous sounds taught: s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h. Introduce the new sound for boot.  Introduce the word and Sound it out and blend to read.  Show children 2 of the pictures on the link below.  Write one of the pictures as a word eg dog.  Draw sound buttons (dots) under each letter and ask your child to sound out each letter before blending the sounds together to read the word.  The pictures will support them as they will be a clue as to what the word could be.