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Glastonbury Thorn School




Record yourself talking about the London landmark that you have researched.  Remember to answer all the key questions from yesterday.



                      25         Is this true or false-explain your answer to an adult.

                  +  35

               ___ 51

Topic - ICT


We are learning about ways we can communicate with each other using the internet.  At the moment we are focusing on email.


Can you produce an E-safety poster explaining how to stay safe when using the internet and email?

Mrs Roberts and Mrs Morris

 Phonics Group





Re- Cap Tricky words was, my, you, they, her

Recap- Sounds: sh, ch, th, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo(zoo), oo(book), ar, or

Practise reading and spelling words: car, bar, star, park, smart, start, sharp, spark, sort, short, worn, sport, snort, fork

Practice writing tricky words



Karen's Group


Re- Cap Tricky words my, here, there, come, some

Recap- Sounds: ay, are, ire, c, edge, g, ore

Introduce new sound: au ‘as in author’

Practise reading and spelling words: haunt, launch, sauce

Practice writing tricky words

Mrs Pritchard's Phonics group

Mrs Courriere and Mrs MacKay - Phonics Group


Super Sentences

Please dictate the following sentences, for you child to write, paying particular attention to words containing the alternative spelling of the 'ai' sound.

He made me late for the train today.

The baby was very pale.


Ms King phonics

Re-cap tricky words:  it’s children, have, like, some, come, were, little, one, saw, there, when, what, don’t

Re-cap sounds:  aw, au, ew,  ai, oi, ear, ure, air, oa, ow, ur, er, ea, ie, i-e, oe, o-e, ue, u-e

Practice writing words: some, come, were, little

Write a simple sentence: I have some little seeds at home.  We were going to the park last night. 

p.m. Phonic screening check practise.  difference between split digraphs and not.