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Glastonbury Thorn School





Use things from you home to make a puppet. You can make any type of puppet you like. Draw a design to show what your finished puppet will look like.



Listen to the whole story of Dogger (see link given on Monday).  Where was Dogger?  Did you expect him to be found? Discuss and write your ideas down of how you thought the story would end.



Phonic Sounds Of The Day


Mrs Jenkins & Mrs Smith


Re- Cap Tricky words: was, my, you, they, all, said, have, like, come, some

Recap- Sounds: all sounds and ar, or, ur, ow, oi, oy, ear, air

Introduce new sound: recap sounds from the week

Practise reading and spelling words: choose a selection of words from the past week

Practice reading and writing simple sentences: I have long brown hair.  The dog has big ears.  I sat on the soft chair.


Mrs Mohammed


Re- Cap Tricky words: one, do, when, out, what

Recap- Sounds: all sounds (see Monday) and also cr, br, bl

Introduce new consonant blend: fr

Practise reading and spelling words: frog, fresh, french, Fred, frost

Practice reading and writing simple sentences: The frog got cold in the frost.




Mrs West & Miss Gaffney

Re- Cap Tricky words some come have like

Recap- Sounds: qu, sh, ch, th, ng, nk, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo

Introduce new sound: 00 – Look at a book

Practise reading and spelling words: took, look, cook, shook, book

Practice writing tricky words


Mr Cursley

Re- Cap Tricky words: said / some / come/ your

Recap- Sounds: all sounds including 'ay' 'a-e' 'ea' 'e-e'

Introduce new sound: y (word endings)

Practise reading and spelling words: happy, funny, merry, sunny, carry

Practice reading and writing simple sentences: Some days are sunny and some days are not. I had to carry your bags and this made my arms hurt said Mr Cursley!


Mrs Arbues Fandos

Maths White Rose Teaching Video

Subtraction - counting back