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Glastonbury Thorn School


Friday 16th April 2021

This week the children have been listening carefully and trying to hear the initial sound in words.  Most of the children can now do this so we moved on to oral blending.  For homework this week, please collect a selection of objects from around your home that have 3 sounds eg m-u-g, p-e-n, b-oo-k, f-or-k, j-a-m, c-a-t (toy!!), m-u-d, h-a-t etc.  Put the items out for your child to see and play I spy.  I spy with my little eye a h - a - t your child should be able to tell you it is a hat. 


Support:  If your child is finding the blending difficult please practise initial sounds I spy with my little eye something beginning with m etc


Digging deeper:  If your child is confident with the objects in front of them, play the game without objects eg I spy a h - u - t.


Please put a photo on Tapestry with a comment to let me know how your child gets on with blending the sounds.