School Day

Doors open:Morning Session:Morning Break:Afternoon Session:
8.50 a.m9.00 a.m – 11.30 a.m (Foundation Stage)10.25 a.m – 10.40 a.m12.30 a.m - 3.00 p.m (Foundation Stage)
9.00 a.m. – 12.00 noon (Years 1 and 2)1.00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m (Years 1 and 2)

If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn.

– Anonymous

“Being at this school has given my child the best possible start he could ever get.”

– Parent

If your child is due to start school in September 2018 please contact the school office to arrange a tour of our school: (01908) 504648