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Tuesday 5th January 2021

WAIL: To know what a noun is

Success Criteria I can find the nouns in a selection of words

                          I can sort nouns into groups


Learning Journey:  

Generate a list of objects (nouns) you can see or know by just looking around the room you're sitting in. Write them down on a piece of paper. The list you have made is a list of nouns nouns are the names we give to different things.


Watch the noun PowerPoint

Using the 'words for sorting' sheet, cut up the words and sort them into nouns/not nouns, then the nouns by category - people, places, animals and things, using the noun sort sheet.  If you are unable to print, you can use the nouns you wrote down earlier in the lesson, and go straight to the sorting into categories. 

Use 3 of the nouns to write 3 short sentences once you have completed the activities above. Don't forget to use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop.







Wednesday 06.01.2021

WAIL To know what a verb is

Success Criteria: I can use verbs to describe what is happening or say what has happened


Learning Journey:

Generate own list of verbs

Watch verb PowerPoint

Watch story, Run Turkey, Run, children listening carefully for verbs they hear during the story 

If you are unable to access the PowerPoint, you can play 'doing words' charades. Take turns with another person to act out verbs - can you guess the verb? Swap roles.
Stick the photos from your Christmas holiday into the planning grid in the order that they happened. (If no planning grid or photos are available, children can make their own grid and draw pictures for the pictures for each event). 

Thinking of yesterday's learning, write a noun you can see in the picture and a verb to describe what you did.


To challenge the children a little further, they could add an adjective to describe their noun (enormous present, big Christmas tree) and a word to describe their verb (played happily, shouted loudly).


Please keep this work for next week, as we will be using it to write a recount - thank you.

Thursday 07.01.2021

WAIL To recognise, read and write verb suffixes

Success Criteria: I can read and write verb endings 'ing' and 'ed' to show what is happening or what has happened 


Listen carefully for the verbs and watch how the ending change (you might want to watch it a second time have a little 'boogie' too!)


When you have watched the video look through the pictures on the sheet. What is happening in each one? 


Choose a picture and write a sentence to say what is happening in the picture. If you have printed the pictures out, you can cut it out and stick it in your book. If not, just write your sentence) Now write a sentence to say what has happened in the picture (past tense). Repeat this, choosing another 3 pictures.


Well done!

Friday 8th January 2021

WAIL To read and use 'ing' and 'ed' 

Success criteria: I can add verb endings to describe what is happening and what has happened


Play words charades. Take turns with another person to act out verbs - can you guess what verb it is?


Watch the video and complete Activities 1 and 3. Make a note of some of the verbs you hear in Activity 3.

Choose three of the verbs you have written down and write them in sentences of your own, one for each verb.