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Glastonbury Thorn School




WAIL To answer question about a text read of listened to

          To use phonic knowledge to read unfamiliar words


Success criteria: I can answer questions about a text I have read or listened

                             I can use the sounds I know to read unfamiliar words


Learning journey

We will talking about information and how we access this through text. The children will then practise finding answers to questions in a text (PowerPoint) and as their main activity answer questions about the Victorian Inventors text that they have either read themselves or have had read to them by you. If your child finds writing difficult, you can scribe their answers for them. Please ensure the children use a pencil when they are writing.

(This text is in PDF format and has three levels - we suggest using level one, with level two being available more proficient readers. Each set has the text, question and answer sheet. Please check before you print to avoid printing unnecessary pages) 


We would like you to email the answer sheet for the Victorian Inventors reading comprehension into school. Please state on the sheet how much support your child received with firstly reading, and then answering the questions. Thank you.



WAIL To respond to poems, stories and non-fiction texts, expressing thoughts and 



Success criteria: I can say what I like or dislike about a story

                            I can say how the story made me feel


Learning journey

Today the children will be writing a book review. They will be introduced to the features of a book review and how to write one. There are two formats for the book review. Please select the one which you feel is most appropriate for child's writing ability, and ensure they use a pencil when for writing.


Please email a copy of your child's completed book review into school - thank you. 


WAIL To demarcate sentences with a capital letter and a full stop

           To use gramatically correct sentences

           To identify plurals

           To recognise nouns and verbs

           To answer questions about a text I have read or listened to


Success criteria: I can recognise where capital letters should be in a sentence

                            I can say when a sentence makes sense

                            I can  recognise plurals

                            I can recognise nouns and verbs

                            I can answer questions about a text I have read or listened to


Learning journey

We will be review the literacy learning we have covered during the past three weeks: nouns, verbs, plurals, sentences making sense, using capital letters and full stops and answering questions about a text. The children will have the opportunity to revisit these using online activities.



WAIL To form letters correctly e, f, s

Success criteria: I can start letters in the correct place

                            I can keep them a consistent size relative to each other


Learning journey

Finger 'warm up' exercises

Finger Aerobics

Watch the 3 letter formation videos one at a time, giving the children an opportunity practise their letter formation in between.  Children who find handwriting tricky can practise their letter formation using one of the activities from the 'Ideas for Handwriting' sheet.
Letter e

Learn to Write the Letter E | Pre-cursive Letter Formation

Letter s

Learn to Write the Letter S | Pre-cursive Letter Formation

Letter f

Learn to Write the Letter F | Pre-cursive Letter Formation