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WAIL to punctuate questions using question marks

Success criteria I can use question marks 

Listen to the story up to the point where the animals are all in the clearing (1.39 of the video - do not go any further!)

Imagine that you are the voice of the different animals, what do you think they would want to ask the bear if they were to speak to him?

Write a list of different questions that each of the animals might ask - don't forget to punctuate your questions with a question mark at the end.


To challenge yourself further - can you write what you think leaf would say in response to each question.


WAIL to adopt, create and sustain a range of roles to retell the story

Success criteria I can act out different characters

Please print the table and cut out the pictures from the story. Stick them in sequence, as they appear in the story of Leaf, and draw a paw print above it in the box that says how the polar bear is feeling at that point in the story.

Using the 5 different scene descriptors - act out the narrative.

You could ask other family members to join in or you could use small world toys or make paper puppets to retell the story. 

Part 1 
Crow saw it first.  
The strange white creature, carried upon the dark waves towards the shore. 
It was unlike anything the animals of the wild wood had seen before.  
It made its home in the old, overgrown cave on the hill.  
No one had lived there for as long as they could remember, and no one dared approach now. 

Part 2 
Stomping around the forest, the creature collected leaves every day.
Big leaves and small leaves, round leaves and colourful ones.  
As he looked around the forest with a searching eye, the animals would flee in fear.

Part 3. 
They named him LEAF, not only after the creature’s 
odd habit, but because they wanted him to leave.  
No one, they thought, should have to live in fear.  
Every day they discussed the stranger but no one was 
brave enough to talk to him. 

Part 4 
One day, fox called out to the other animals as Leaf burst through the forest.  
He ran very fast and was covered in hundreds of beautiful leaves.  
They had NEVER seen anything like it!

 Part 5
With a giant ROOOAR! 
Leaf leaped off the edge of the hill and flew… 
for a moment at least, before tumbling down into the lake.  
Soaking wet, the beast stomped back to hide once again in the dark cave. 


WAIL to sequence sentences to recount the story so far

Success criteria I can sequence the story and write about what has happened

Watch the video of the story Leaf to the point where the bear is washed up on the shore after his failed attempt to fly.

Select key images, to draw in sequence, and write beneath them a short narrative of what is happening in the story.


WAIL to sequence sentences to form a short narrative

Success criteria I can write an ending to the story

Look at the illustrations and read the text of the scene in the woods where the crows and the animals are gathered.

Do the animals feel the same about Leaf? What language makes you think this? Can you find words that are positive and those that are negative?

You are now going to write the end of the story. Think carefully about what might happen next. What is the problem and how is it going to be solved? You could draw the events that show what happens and then write your own ending to the story.


WAIL to say what I think and why. To form letters correctly

Success criteria: I can say what I think and explain why. I can for my letters correctly.

Watch the video of the storytelling of Leaf to the end. 

What did the crows do that helped them to understand the polar bear?

What did Leaf tell the crows had happened to him?

What was happening to the ice in his habitat?

What did the crows think their mistake had been?

How did the crows feel towards the polar bear at the end of the story?


You are going to write your own review of the story Leaf.

Your review must give a short account of what happens in the story, say if you  like or dislike the story and give your reasoning. Remember to talk about the story and the illustrations.

Please continue to select a couple of handwriting sheets to practise.