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Glastonbury Thorn School




WAIL to say what I know

Success criteria: I can say why animals hibernate

Question grid to print or copy into your writing book


WAIL I can explain what I think

Success criteria: I can say what I think and why

The blurb and the image of the first double page spread are saved in the resources file for you to print off if you wish.


WAIL I can make notes about staying with granny

Success criteria: I can make notes

Below are the image that I would like your child to look closely at, a list of questions (that you will need to ask your child as they pretend to be the child in the story), the teaching video to watch and a template to print or copy to guide their note making.


WAIL I can write in an email format what it is like being at Granny Sylvie's house.

Success criteria: I can write about staying with granny.

Download or copy email template into red books and then watch teaching video before writing email.


WAIL to edit my work

Success criteria: I can spot mistakes and make improvements.


A big part of learning to be a good writier is to be able to look at our own writing and edit it for improvement. Ask your child to read their email out to you and to check it makes sense and has included all the features in their check list. Can they think of any ways to improve their work? It might be as simple as writing it out neatly checking they have the correct letter sizes.

Handwriting practise

Select 3 pages to practise spelling- paying special attention to correct cursive letter formation. You can copy the words into your red book you don't need to print of the pages unless you wish to.