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Vocabulary activity

Synonyms for said - please use a thesaurus to find different synonyms for said.

Then practice saying, "I want some cake!" in the different ways the words suggest, and then sort those words by their emotional power. 

WAIL to use the correct punctuation when writing a question

Success criteria: I can use question marks

Picture stimulus for writing

Following the same format as the questions we wrote last week (from the polar bears perspective) we will be writing questions from the crows perspective. These will be added to each of our descriptive sentences written las week and will form the verses of our poem.

Eg: Here is

the creature, large white and alone, floating on the see ice.

Where has he come from?


Please write out the verses as shown and add today's questions.


WAIL to plan a poem

Success criteria: I can plan my poem


Look at and read the next double page spread. Talk about what the animals can see and how they might be feeling. Can you find words in the text that help us understand this?
Book pages to look at and read.

Today we will be planning tomorrow's independent poetry writing. Please complete the planning sheet. We will be writing the poem in the same way as we did for the polar bear and the crow, starting with - Here is...

You will need to choose one of the animals and write from their perspective. On the planning sheet write the name of the animal you have chosen and fill in the three different parts.

  • the name of what the animal can see
  • as many adjectives to describe it 
  • a question the animal you choose might ask

Repeat this note making for each of the three verses and save them for tomorrow's 

independent write.

Please select a writing frame appropriate for your ability.


WAIL to write a poem 

Success criteria: I can write a poem

Please use the correct writing checklist for your ability - greater depth writers to develop their own in the blank table remembering all the different writing skills learned during last week.
Please use your poetry plan to now write your verses from your chosen animals perspective. It is important that you do this independently so that we can see how you are learning and to set your next steps. Please remember to send you work in for us to look at. Use your checklist to remind you of what you must remember to include in your writing.


WAIL to edit my work

Success criteria: I can edit my work 


Please look back at your writing from yesterday and use your checklist to make sure you have included all the criteria. Read it out load, are there any adjustments, changes of vocabulary that you want to make to improve the way the poem sounds?


Once you have finished editing your poem you could record yourself reading it - we would love to hear this - so please send  to the YR2 emails address.


Once you have finished this, select a couple of handwriting pages from the common exception handwriting pages to practise. 


WAIL to use commas in lists

Success criteria: I can use commas in lists

Please look back through the story so far and read on to the latest double page spread.

Explore the text and illustrations for the next double page spread - ... but no one was brave enough to talk to him.

  • Do you think the animals are right to be afraid?  
  • If we only saw the animals fleeing and the exclamation ‘Run!’, what might we imagine that they were escaping from?
  • Think about what we know about Polar bears being at the top of their food chain.
  • Are the other animals right to be afraid? 
  • Has the bear done anything to threaten them or make them be so wary?

Can you write a question which each of the animals might ask him if they were to pluck up the courage to.

Why is the bear collecting leaves? – Perhaps he could use one to write a letter home – like a letter in a bottle.

What might he write in a note?  How is he feeling?

What does he need?  Where does he belong and how is it different here?

Model writing a note on a leaf from the polar bears perspective - using commas in a list.

(Remember the words for scared in we learned last week)

Challenge: to use one of them in your writing.


I feel terrified in this strange place with looming rocks, trees and green grass.

I feel utterly miserable, I am so hot, hungry and alone.


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