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Glastonbury Thorn School




WAIL To answer questions about a text based on what has been read to me

          To ask questions about a text

          To predict what might happen in a text I have had read to me


Success criteria: I can say what a character might be feeling using what I have

                             heard or pictures I have looked at

                             I can ask questions about a text and words I don't understand

                             I can draw a picture to show what I think might happen


Learning Journey

We will be referring back to our text 'The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon'. The children will have an opportunity to talk about how the characters are feeling based on what has been read so far, and ask any questions about events, phrases (admired him enormously) and unusual vocabulary used, e.g. critters. They will share their ideas about what they think might happen in the moonlight, and then, while listening to some 'magical' music, try to visualise this, making and colouring a drawing to show this.


Magical music


WAIL To use nouns and verbs

          To use expanded noun phrases

          To use adverbs


Success criteria: I can use nouns and verbs to write about a picture

                            I can use adjectives and adverbs to describe things in a picture or

                            describe how things are happening


Learning Journey

Today the children will use their picture from yesterday and annotate it with individual nouns and verbs or expanded noun phrases and short adverbial phrases.



Wellbeing Wednesday - have fun!



WAIL To recognise the features of a weather diary

          To keep a weather diary


Success criteria: I can say what the features of a weather diary are

                            I can write a diary entry about the weather

Learning Journey

The children will be looking at reasons about why we collect information about the weather and how we collect it, revisiting some previous learning. They will then decide a format for their weather diary, and consider what information would be useful. Using a mix of data they have collected themselves (using the rain gauge they have made) or published data, the children will keep their own weather diary for a week.

Be a Weather Watcher | Science for Kids

Learn about different types of weather and how to keep track of your weather observations!


WAIL To form letters correctly r, m, n, h

Success criteria: I can start letters in the correct place

                            I can keep them a consistent size relative to each other

Learning Journey

Finger 'warm up' exercises

Finger Warm Up Exercises for Handwriting and Fine Motor

There are several activities which help stretch and relax fingers to promote fine motor dexterity. Try this simple, one minute, hand, and finger warm-up exer...

Watch the Skywriter link to show letter formation for all four letters.
Watch the 4 letter formation videos, one at a time, giving the children an opportunity practise their letter formation in between by writing 5 of each letter.  Children who find handwriting tricky can practise their letter formation using one of the activities from the 'Ideas for Handwriting' sheet.

Learn to Write the Letter R | Pre-cursive Letter Formation

Learn to Write the Letter M | Pre-cursive Letter Formation

Learn to Write the Letter N | Pre-cursive Letter Formation

Learn to Write the Letter H | Pre-cursive Letter Formation

Once all three letters have been practised, the children are to write a line of the three letters in groups, leaving a 'finger space' between each group, until they fill a line:

rmnh  rmnh  rmnh . . .


Write three words beginning with r, then m, then n, then h.



Use one of your words in a sentence - remember to use the letter formation we have practised.