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WAIL To use adjectives

          To use question marks


Success criteria: I can use adjectives to describe my dragon picture

                            I can use a question mark to write a question about the Egg Box


Learning Journey

In this lesson we are being introduced to one of our new texts for this half term 'The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon'.  The children will try to visualise what the Egg Box Dragon might look like and use adjectives to describe him. They will then have a short introduction to question marks, think of something they would like to know about the Egg Box Dragon and write it down as a question.


We are introducing the book using a 'slow reveal' and would ask that you don't share the story or any illustrations at this point.


Please email the children's work from this lesson into school - thank you.



WAIL To use plurals 's' and 'es'


Success criteria: I can say if a word is singular or plural

                            I know when to add 's' or 'es'

Learning Journey

Watch teaching video

Watch BBC Bitesize 'Single and Plural Words' and complete activity 1.

Children to complete the worksheet by:

  • adding s and es
  • spotting mistakes in some simple sentences
  • adding the correct word

If your child finds writing tricky, please encourage them to complete the 'adding s and es' activities.

You can read the sentences to help find the incorrect word in the sentences, and scribe the correct word for them once they have told you what it should be.

Super Challenge

Write some incorrect sentences for a family member to edit. Check their work to make sure they are correct.


Wellbeing Wednesday - see separate planning.


WAIL To use the suffixes -er and -est


Success criteria: I can add -er and -est to words

                            I can use -er and -est to compare and describe


Learning Journey

The children will be learning to add the -er and -est suffix to words where the root word doesn't change.

First, watch the PowerPoint and complete the short activities.
Children to complete the table on worksheet. 


Use some of the new words you have made to write some sentences.

Please email this learning into school, and keep this sheet for the children to use in their learning over the next few weeks. Thank you.


WAIL To form letters correctly j, y, u

Success criteria: I can start letters in the correct place

                            I can keep them a consistent size relative to each other

Learning Journey

Finger 'warm up' exercises

Finger Aerobics

Watch the Skywriter link to show letter formation for all three letters.
Watch the 3 letter formation videos one at a time, giving the children an opportunity practise their letter formation in between by writing 5 of each letter.  Children who find handwriting tricky can practise their letter formation using one of the activities from the 'Ideas for Handwriting' sheet.

Learn to Write the Letter J | Pre-cursive Letter Formation

How to write the letter 'y' | Pre-cursive Letter Formation

Learn to Write the Letter U | Pre-cursive Letter Formation

Once all three letters have been practised, the children are to write a line of the three letters in groups, leaving a 'finger space' between each group, until they fill a line:

jyu  jyu  jyu . . .


Write three words beginning with j, then y, then u.



Use one of your words in a sentence - remember to use the letter formation we have practised.