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Glastonbury Thorn School




WAIL to write down ideas and key words, including new vocabulary 


Success criteria I can talk about and write down my ideas


You will need paper and a pencil to make notes.

Listen carefully to the questions - you can stop the video to write down your thinking.

A copy of the illustration and the text to print if you wish to.

Digging Deeper

Based on your thoughts around the illustrations so far, can you make any predictions as to what the book might be about or  anything that could happen in it? 


WAIL to retrieve information and write bullet point facts from that information

          to write down ideas and keywords, including new vocabulary.


Success criteria I can record interesting facts about polar bears


Please print out or copy the -  I know, think and learned table into your book and then watch teaching video 1.

Now watch the two short video clips and make notes about any facts you learn.

Digging Deeper

Write a quiz about polar bears with a question and answer sheet.


WAIL to learn how to use conjunctions for subordination and coordination.

Success criteria I can write using conjunctions 'and' or 'because.


Starter activity

Can you sort the sentences you wrote yesterday into fact groups:

habitat, food, what they look like etc.





Please watch the video and complete the writing task.


WAIL  to use determiners

 Success criteria I can use determiners to improve my sentences.


WAIL to use expanded noun phrases to describe and specify.

Success criteria I can use adjectives to write expanded noun phrases

Word power game-revisiting synonyms for cold with a few new ones too!

Please explore the words meaning and arrange the words on the word power wordometer - with the word that means the coldest at the top.

Handwriting practise - cursive and joined cursive - complete a couple of sheets of tricky words, focussing on correct letter formation and joins where appropriate.