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WAIL To use adjectives

Success criteria: I can use adjectives to describe a picture

Learning Journey

This is a cross curricular lesson (RE). Watching the PowerPoint, the children will first be thinking and talking about what makes our world special and amazing (weather, animals, plants insects etc.).  They will look at a selection of amazing pictures and select one to print or draw to describe using adjectives. Once this is complete, the children will stick their picture onto a writing frame and write some sentences using their adjectives to say why their chosen thing is special or amazing.  


Please email this to school when complete.


WAIL To answer questions about a text I have read or listened to 

Success criteria: I can answer questions based on what is said or done


WAIL To stay safe online

Success Criteria: I can say who I would ask if I need help online


Learning Journey

Today is Internet Safety Day.

This is a cross curricular lesson (Computing) where the children will be learning about online safety. Watch the PowerPoint and listen to the audio on each slide. Alternatively, you can use the slide without the audio if you wish to read it with your child - there are a lot of slides but you could take turns to read). Discuss the questions asked (the 'Time to Chat sheet has the questions if you use the PowerPoint without the audio) and please ensure your child has a good understanding of who they can ask for help while using the internet if they need it.


Wellbeing Wednesday


WAIL To answer questions about a text I have listened to or read

          To compare texts 

Success criteria: I can answer questions about a text I have listened to or read

                            I can compare texts and say what is the same or different


Learning Journey

This is a cross curricular lesson (RE). The children will be reading or listening to the Hindu Creation Story (you can decide whether you would like to read this with your child - each slide has a small amount of text). They will answer questions about the text, and then compare it with the Creation Story they heard on Monday, looking for differences and similarities.  Questions and some examples of similarities and differences are on the last two slides of the PowerPoint presentation.                          


WAIL To form letters correctly

Success criteria: I can start letters in the correct place

                            I can keep them a consistent size relative to each other


Learning Journey

This is an opportunity for the children to practise using the letter formation we have practised this term to write sentences. There are some short sentences for them to copy out.


Please email this work into school when completed.